Etsy Titles and Tags

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Etsy Titles and Tags


This listing is good for a complete revision of both the title and tags of one listing on the Etsy platform.

On Etsy, Title and Tags are critical in getting your products viewed, favorited, and ultimately, sold.  The Etsy platform allows one title of up to 140 characters and a set of corresponding thirteen 20 character tags. When you purchase one (or more) of my Etsy Product Title and Tag listings, I will work directly with you to create an engaging and accurate set of Titles and Tags to optimize viewer traffic. Please note, customers and search algorithms are always changing, so I cannot guarantee you will increase your views, favorites, or sales with any revisions. That being said, I believe very strongly that a well-presented product draws customers and keeps clientele.

Please note, Title and Tag revisions do not include any complimentary edits. Once your order has been completed, it will be electronically sent to your specified email address in the format of either a Word document or PDF. Please state your preference at the time of your order; otherwise, it will be sent by default as a Word Document.