Business Policy Development

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Business Policy Development


This listing is good for the complete revision of one set of business policies for use on Etsy, Handmade at Amazon, or any other platforms.

Business policies set the guidelines for customers regarding all business practices including payment, shipping, refunds, receipts, and so forth. Sellers that have clear, succinct and easy to understand policies will often generate more sales because they are perceived as more professional than their competitors. A concrete set of policies is also essential in the event of a customer dispute. Clearly outlining all expectations of the buyer/seller relationship prevents miscommunication, and sets your business apart as one that is organized and dedicated to customer service. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide a rough outline of their desired store policies at the time of the order. These ideas will be refined and written in a clear and concise manner to prevent any confusion on the part of your customers.  Your purchase includes one additional edit per section at no charge. The complimentary edits must be requested within seven days of service completion.

Once your order has been completed, it will be electronically sent to your specified email address in the format of either a Word document or PDF. Please state your preference at the time of your order; otherwise, it will be sent by default as a Word Document.

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