Etsy Shop Announcement

If you have an Etsy shop, chances are you have a few questions about the different sections of text. Last week I started my series on Etsy SEO (search engine optimization), and I mentioned several areas of text that get overlooked. Today we’ll be discussing the importance of the Etsy Shop Announcement.

First of all, the Shop Announcement is an area of text located at the top of your shop page, just below your banner. The first few lines of text are easily viewed by customers, but they must click the box if they want to read it all. I recommend likening this area to a welcome sign, or your initial greeting if a customer were to step into a brick and mortar store.

I feel the Shop Announcement should clearly accomplish three goals:

1. Welcome the customer to your business.
2. Orient the customer to your product lines.
3. Guide them through your shop.

By using well-researched keywords within this text, you can improve your SEO. Etsy ranks shops that have their main areas of text filled out as higher quality than those that do not. Therefore, it is important to use your shop name and identify your specific product lines when accomplishing the first two goals. The final goal, directing your customers, should include highlighting any sales, promotions, or coupons you have currently.

While you can use this area to identify your social media pages or website, be aware that the Etsy Terms of Service prohibits you from directing traffic off-site for sales. Editing your Shop Announcement is easy once you are open.
Simply go to Your Shop > Shop Settings > Info and Appearances

You are there! Now make your edits and be sure to scroll down to the bottom and save your changes before moving onto the next section of copy. Do you have any questions about Shop Announcements? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and next week we’ll discuss the importance of a Shop Story.