New Year, Now What?

We did it, you guys! We made it into a brand-sparkling-new year! Now that the trees have been taken down, the presents unwrapped, and the bubbly consumed we have to figure out what comes next. Seriously, now what?

If, like me, you spent the last few weeks to days of 2018 pondering your resolutions, you may have an idea of what comes next. For me, I want to run head-first into 2019 with hope and wide eyes. I want to focus on renewal and rebirth and I want to enjoy all the little parts of life I was too tired (read ill) to enjoy last year. This year, I am dedicated to helping my fellow handmade sellers through creative copywriting and curious content. I want to help you find your voice the way I found mine by the end of the year.

I thought it might be fun to take a few of the more common resolutions and turn them upside down so they are framed in a healthier, more sustainable way. This year, try rewording your resolutions (with a few more details) like so:

“I want to lose weight!”

I will work on my strength and endurance by walking twenty minutes every  morning before breakfast.

“I want to read more!”

I will read one fiction book per month.

“I want to be a better friend!”

I will text my friends once a week and schedule a time for a monthly coffee chat on the phone.

Do you see the differences between the first resolutions and the secondary variations? One is wishful and hopeful (which is a good thing) but it lacks concrete steps. The second versions offer specific interventions and it is only by creating those concrete steps can we independently and objectively evaluate our progress. I don’t need to lose any more weight this year (after losing 53 lbs last year!) but I do need to work on my strength, I do want to read more, and I certainly want to be a better friend.

It’s a New Year so I leave you with one last question for you: now what?

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