Etsy Helps Sellers Close The Deal – Coupon Update!

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Etsy Helps Sellers Close The Deal – Coupon Update!

Hold the phone, you guys! Etsy literally just announced an incredibly exciting new feature. It’s no secret that customers will sometimes put items into their electronic shopping carts only to click away, get distracted, and never come back. Most major companies use bounce back coupons as a way to entice customers to convert. One of my favorite brands, Lush, always sends a follow up email within a few hours if I put an item in my cart but don’t follow through. If that doesn’t work, they send another reminder the next day. That being said, these pushes do not include coupon codes but if they did, I can tell you, I’d buy a lot more a lot more often!

Well, Etsy is getting in on these reminders but they are encouraging sellers to nudge potential buyers with a reminder coupon. Now you can automate a discount code that will be pushed toward customers who have your items in their cart. Here’s the full announcement, courtesy of: Etsy Coupon Update



If you click the link in the announcement itself, you’ll find yourself at the following screen:


(I do realize the photos are a touch fuzzy so click on them for a better view!)

You’ll notice that these coupon pushes DO cost money, so select your campaign carefully. It’s a little too early to comment on effectiveness but I do think this is a wonderful tool for sellers to have in their box. How are you planning on using this tactic?  Sound off in the comments below.


  1. 4-12-2018

    I completely agree with what “a small business owner” said. It would be nice if Etsy would roll out reminder emails, sans the coupon code. I’m afraid that people will catch on to putting items in their cart and waiting for a coupon before purchasing. What happens when they don’t receive a coupon-will they abandon their cart altogether and search for another seller? I’m not opposed to coupons in general. I rarely remember to use them and I don’t worry about the big box stores when I do use them. It’s a race to the bottom for them and if they’re willing to use coupons as a standard tool to get you to buy anything, that’s up to them. I just think small business has to be careful in how they approach offering sales and coupons.

  2. 4-12-2018

    I love and use coupons with the best of them! But I’m afraid it will hurt the smaller sellers who are first starting out and cannot afford for people to put things in their cart and then sit back and wait for a coupon to arrive a few days later. The large corporations can handle that. Small businesses are not all to that point where they can afford it. And I think it makes a small business look desperate. We are on a different plane from the large factory corporations and need to remember our value. We need to improve our first impression before we start lessening our value.

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