Shamrock Your SEO: St. Patrick’s Day Keyword List

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Shamrock Your SEO: St. Patrick’s Day Keyword List

Each year, I publish keyword lists for the major holidays and now that Valentine’s Day is over, the next big one is St. Patrick’s Day. I love St. Patrick’s Day. While my mother was born on St. Patrick’s Day and my surname is Kelly, I’m not actually Irish. I’m more of a mixture of German and Hungarian ancestry, but I suppose the jury is still out until I get my results! Saint Patrick’s Day is a wonderful holiday filled with parades, shamrocks, golden coins (sometimes made of chocolate), and Irish pride. This year, my Scottish-Irish husband will be treating us to his famous corned beef and Pippin the puppy will be celebrating his one year anniversary with us. It’s going to be a great holiday in the Kelly-Dickey home and I hope, if you celebrate, you’ll have a wonderful day as well.

However, as artists, sellers, and crafters we still need to market our products. Seasonal marketing is so very important and by having updated keywords well in advance of the holiday, you can (hopefully) capture your actively shopping target market. This list is NOT comprehensive and will not work for all platforms, products, or people. As always, do your own research to see which of these phrases, if any, will work for your needs. If you are still struggling with SEO, don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly. Not only do I offer Etsy Title and Tag packages, but I also host free shop critiques and coaching in my Facebook group Copywriting for Creatives.

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Without further ado, I’ve compiled my general and jewelry-specific keyword recommendations for rocking your Shamrock SEO this year:

1. Saint Patricks Day Ideas
2. Saint Patricks Day Recipes
3. Saint Patricks Day Food
4. Saint Patricks Day Games
5. Saint Patricks Day Favors
6. St Patricks Day Ideas
7. St Patricks Day Recipes
8. St Patricks Day Food
9. St Patricks Day Games
10. St Patricks Day Favors
11. Saint Patricks Day Shirt
12. St Patricks Day Shirt
13. Saint Patricks Day Tshirt
14. St Patricks Day Tshirt
15. Shamrock Shirt
16. Shamrock Tshirt
17. Clover Shirt
18. Clover Tshirt
19. Saint Patricks Day Outfit
20. St Patricks Day Outfit
21. Shamrock Outfit
22. Clover Outfit
23. Leprechaun Tshirt
24. Leprechaun Shirt
25. Leprechaun Outfit
26. Girls Shamrock Shirt
27. Girls Shamrock Skirt
28. Boys Shamrock Shirt
29. Boys Shamrock Outfit
30. Girls Saint Patricks Day Outfit
31. Boys Saint Patricks Day Outfit
32. Saint Patricks Day Headband
33. St Patricks Day Headband
34. St Patricks Day Hairband
35. Saint Patricks Day Hairband
36. Shamrock Headband
37. Shamrock Hairband
38. Clover Headband
39. Clover Hairband
40. Saint Patricks Day Hat
41. St Patricks Day Hat
42. Saint Patricks Day Card
43. St Patricks Day Card
44. St Paddys Day
45. St Paddys Day Card
46. St Paddys Day Outfit
47. St Paddys Day Ideas
48. St Paddys Day Party
49. St Paddys Day Favors
50. Drinking Games
51. Drinking Party Games
52. Adult Drinking Games
53. Irish Pride
55. Irish Flag
56. Irish Flag Sign
57. Irish Flag Decor
58. Irish Decorations
59. Irish Sayings
60. Irish Quotes
61. Saint Patricks Day Earrings
62. Saint Patricks Day Jewelry
63. Saint Patricks Day Bracelet
64. Saint Patricks Day Cuff
65. Saint Patricks Day Necklace
66. Saint Patricks Day Pendant
67. Saint Patricks Day Gift
68. St Patricks Day Earrings
69. St Patricks Day Jewelry
70. St Patricks Day Bracelet
71. St Patricks Day Cuff
72. St Patricks Day Necklace
73. St Patricks Day Pendant
74. St Patricks Day Gift
75. St Paddys Day Earrings
76. St Paddys Day Jewelry
77. St Paddys Day Bracelet
78. St Paddys Day Cuff
79. St Paddys Day Necklace
80. St Paddys Day Pendant
81. St Paddys Day Gift
82. Saint Paddys Day Earrings
83. Saint Paddys Day Jewelry
84. Saint Paddys Day Bracelet
85. Saint Paddys Day Cuff
86. Saint Paddys Day Necklace
87. Saint Paddys Day Pendant
88. Saint Paddys Day Gift
89. Shamrock Earrings
90. Shamrock Jewelry
91. Shamrock Bracelet
92. Shamrock Cuff
93. Shamrock Necklace
94. Shamrock Pendant
95. Four Leaf Clover
96. Four Leaf Clover Earrings
97. Four Leaf Clover Jewelry
98. Four Leaf Clover Bracelet
99. Four Leaf Clover Cuff
100. Four Leaf Clover Necklace
101. Four Leaf Clover Pendant
102. Four Leaf Clover Gift
103. Irish Pride Earrings
104. Irish Pride Jewelry
105. Irish Pride Bracelet
106. Irish Pride Necklace
107. Irish Pride Pendant
108. Irish Flag Jewelry
109. Irish Flag Earrings
110. Irish Flag Necklace


  1. 3-6-2018

    Thank you for sharing! This is an awesome list. Do you think it’s too late to post St Patrick’s Day items?

    • 3-6-2018

      I say go for it! You won’t sell anything if you don’t list it, so you might as well try if you can.

  2. 2-16-2018

    Hi Kateland. . I just subscribed.

  3. 2-15-2018

    Thank you so much 🙂

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