2018 Valentine’s Day SEO: FREE Keyword List

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2018 Valentine’s Day SEO:  FREE Keyword List

Happy New Year! It is nice to be back after a short break in December to celebrate with family and friends. Sean and I had a wonderful time reconnecting with our loved ones but now we are ready to buckle down, make some goals, and then break them in sparkling success. Are you ready for a successful year? While I was away on holiday, I had many clients and followers reach out to me asking about my coveted SEO lists. As you may or may not know, I offer complimentary keyword lists for the major holidays. These lists are not meant to be exhaustive but they are meant to be a guideline to spark your own research and implementation of appropriate keywords.

Upcoming keyword lists will include Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter, and a general Wedding list for 2018 but if you have any special suggestions for other lists, put your request in the comments below.

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Now, without further ado, I present to you my 2018 Valentine’s Day keyword list:

1. Happy Valentines Day
2. Valentines Day Party
3. Valentines Day Party Decorations
4. Valentines Day Party Favors
5. Valentines Day Party Ideas
6. Valentines Day Party Snacks
7. Kids Valentines
8. Heart Pendant
9. Heart Necklace
10. Gold Heart Pendant
11. Gold Heart Necklace
12. Silver Heart Pendant
13. Silver Heart Necklace
14. Heart Shaped Ring
15. Heart Shaped Jewelry
16. Heart Shaped Pendant
17. Heart Shaped Earrings
18. Heart Earrings
19. Gold Heart Earrings
20. Silver Heart Earrings
21. Valentines Day Earrings
22. Valentines Day Stud Earrings
23. Heart Stud Earrings
24. Heart Dangle Earrings
25. Jewelry for Valentines
26. Jewelry for Valentines Day
27. Valentines Day Outfit
28. Valentines Day Shirt
29. Girls Valentines Day Shirt
30. Girls Valentines Day Skirt
31. Girls Valentines Day Outfit
32. Boys Valentines Day Shirt
33. Boys Valentines Day Outfit
34. Girls Heart Shirt
35. Boys Heart Shirt
36. Kids Heart Shirt
37. Baby Heart Shirt
38. Heart Baby Bodysuit
39. My First Valentine
40. Her First Valentine
41. His First Valentine
42. Be Mine
43. Be Mine Shirt
44. Be Mine Tshirt
45. Be Mine Jewelry
46. Be Mine Necklace
47. Be Mine Pendant
48. Will You Be Mine
49. First Valentines Day Shirt
50. First Valentines Day Outfit
51. Valentines Day Baby Outfit
52. Valentines Day Baby Bodysuit
53. Valentines Day Bodysuit
54. Valentines Day Cards
55. Heart Card
56. Heart Greeting Card
57. Vintage Greeting Card
58. Vintage Valentines Day Card
59. Nostalgic Valentines Day Card
60. Classic Valentines Day
61. Traditional Valentines Day Card
62. Modern Valentines Day Card
63. Valentines Day Decorations
64. Valentines Day Decor
65. Heart Shaped Chocolate
66. Heart Shaped Candy
67. Valentines Day Chocolate
68. Valentine Chocolate
69. Valentines Day Candy
70. Valentine Candy
71. Belated Valentines Day Gift
72. Valentines Days Ideas
73. Valentines Day Recipes
74. Valentines Day Gifts
75. Valentines Day Gifts for Her
76. Valentines Day Gifts for Him
77. Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend
78. Valentines Day Gifts for Husband
79. Valentines Day Gift for Fiance
80. Valentines Day Gift for Groom
81. Valentines Day Gift for Bride
82. Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend
83. Valentines Day Gift for Wife
84. Last Minute Valentines Day Gift
85. Valentines Day Gift for Kids

Remember, not all of these keyword phrases will fit into the Etsy tag fields (character limit of twenty) and that is OK. Do not use keyword phrases that are not applicable to your product as that is a type of keyword stuffing and is not effective. If these words don’t quite work for your listing and you’re not sure what to do, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to help.


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    It came just on time, thank you 🙂

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      You are very welcome! Please feel free to share this as a resource with anyone you think it might help.

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