When You’re Not Good Enough – Revisited

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When You’re Not Good Enough – Revisited

Last year, I published an article detailing what to do when you feel like you aren’t good enough (for whatever reason) and it really resonated with my readers. Now that the holidays are in full swing, imposter syndrome may be rearing its ugly head once again. I was delighted when blogger Rebecca Temsen reached out to me noting that my article hit a nerve with her as well. In fact, she published her own article on what to do when you’re feeling low about yourself that was filled with brilliant advice. I highly recommend reading her original article on Self Development Secrets in its entirety here:

Remember These 29 Things When You Feel You’re Not Good Enough

I’ve compiled her twenty-nine reasons below, but make sure you click the link above to expand on each concept:

1. Remember that all you feel comes from you

2. You are you, and you are the best at it

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

4. Aim for growth, not perfection

5. Our struggles are necessary

6. Everything will work out for the best

7. Do not resist, embrace where you are

8. Let go of self pity and start loving yourself

9. You can choose to be calm or stressed out

10. What you choose can create a better outcome

11. Challenges are your stepping stone

12. We all make mistakes

13. Try without regrets

14. Take a step forward

15. You’re trying your best, don’t be too hard on yourself

16. You are more experienced today

17. If you’re stuck, there’s always a path

18. You determine the quality of your life

19. Not everyone will approve of you

20. If you want something bad enough, you will get it

21. Cut out all other options

22. Right now is your most important time

23. You can’t control everything

24. Respect yourself to earn respect of others

25. Move on. You’ve gained much more than you lost

26. You have gone through some tough times

27. Your scars show how strong you are

28. You haven’t given up yet

29. You’re reading this post

You are strong, you are worthy, and you are going to be OK. I promise.

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  1. 12-21-2017

    Thank you for sharing this list. I really needed to hear these.

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