Last Minute Marketing – Holiday Edition

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Last Minute Marketing – Holiday Edition

We’re approaching the end of the year, rather quickly, and I wanted to take a moment to encourage everyone to finish the year out strong. It can be difficult to deal with changing business models, platforms, and new competitors but at the end of the day, you are what makes your company special. You are the face of your brand. While holiday shopping has peaked with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, people are still shopping so don’t be disheartened if you haven’t made your sales goals just quite yet. There is still time. Let’s go over a few tactics you can use at the end of this year, and moving into the next year, to boost your holiday sales.

“Expert Holiday Marketing Ideas: Wrap Up the Sales Year With 12 Last-Minute Tactics” was originally published in November 2016 by Brian Honigman. If you’d like to read his full article on last minute holiday marketing, I highly recommend checking out the source link here:

Holiday Marketing – Brian Honigman

If you like it when I offer the SparkNotes version, then read below for twelve simple and effective marketing tips you can implement before the last of the eggnog has been consumed:

1. Share live video on social media.

2. Feature a compelling call to action to engage your audience.

3. Partner with influencers in your field.

4. Personalize your messages (for the holidays).

5. Invest in Facebook ads (if appropriate for your audience).

6. Target relevant customer groups.

7. Create time sensitive offers to capitalize on urgency.

8. Simplify the shopping process.

9. Participate in Cyber Day Deals.

10. Produce Round-Up focused content.

11. Analyze keyword search trends (work on your SEO)!

12. Set up a flash sale

What are your favorite ways to bump up the sales during the holiday season? Number 11 is of particular interest for me, so if you are struggling with your SEO, join my free group Copywriting for Creatives on Facebook to claim a free shop critique today:

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