You’re the Worst: Dealing with Bad Reviews

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You’re the Worst:  Dealing with Bad Reviews

I know we’ve discussed dealing with negative reviews in the past, but now that we are officially in the holiday shopping season I thought it was the perfect topic to dive into for the blog. I am a big believer in preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. The simple fact of the matter is, you will get a bad review at some point. If you haven’t yet, it’s coming. If you have, congrats! You survived! It probably felt terrible and it made you ask some uncomfortable questions, but you survived. This morning, as I was checking my social media and news channels, I stumbled across this interesting exchange:

Bad REview

Ouch!  Right?

Well, while it might not be my style of writing, I actually think this restaurant did a great job of responding to the review. The customer was irate and shared her anger on Facebook. It seems there is very little the company could do to reverse her opinion and the owner clearly knew that. He (or she) was not afraid to point out the inconsistencies in the customers story and offer clarification.  They knew they were speaking not just to the angry customer, but to every single individual who would be reading their reviews.

The big take away from this is that the customer is NOT always right.

You do NOT have to cower in fear of a bad review.

You do NOT have to refund blindly and bend over backwards for a customer that is aggressive or inappropriate.

When responding to customers like the one above, keep three simple thoughts in mind and you’ll come out just fine:

  1.  This is one persons opinion.
  2. Does this person offer valid criticism that can lead to real improvement?
  3. How can I improve my business to minimize future complaints that are similar in nature?

If you can identify and understand those concepts, then the rest will fall into place.  If you are really struggling, please feel free to contact me.  I offer complimentary review responses for my followers and you are always welcome to request feedback in my VIP Facebook group Copywriting for Creatives.

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