Ultimate Holiday Keyword List: 2017 Edition

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Ultimate Holiday Keyword List:  2017 Edition

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming! It’s time to start updating our product listings with keywords that reflect what seasonal shoppers are searching for so that we can secure some sales. Each year, I publish a keyword list meant to offer you guidance, inspiration, and assistance and this year is no different. You’ll notice that I’ve made sure to include both general and specific keyword phrases for both Christmas and Hanukkah as well as some general seasonal phrases. As with all my keyword lists, not every keyword phrase will apply to your listings. It is up to you to use this as a guide and determine if these words will help you. For example, if you are selling a snowman necklace you wouldn’t include a keyword phrase like “Christmas Tree Shirt”. As you navigate this years mammoth collection of keyword phrases use common sense, ask questions, and let me know if you need any help.  For the month of October 2017 I am still running a 20% off special on Etsy title and tag packages which can be purchased directly at the following link:

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Now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, I’m pleased to present the 2017 edition of holiday keywords courtesy of The Write Assistant:

1. Christmas gifts
2. Christmas gifts for guys
3. Christmas gifts for girls
4. Christmas gifts for kids
5. First Christmas together
6. Baby’s first Christmas
7. Baby’s first Christmas outfit
8. Holiday photos
9. Christmas cards
10. Family Christmas cards
11. Family Christmas card ideas
12. Christmas decorations
13. Christmas decor
14. Christmas home decor
15. Unique Christmas decorations
15. Christmas party favors
16. Holiday party favors
17. Holiday party games
18. Holiday party ideas
19. Christmas party games
20. Advent calendars
21. Traditional advent calendars
22. Unique advent calendars
23. Nontraditional advent calendars
24. New family traditions
25. Christmas traditions
26. Holiday traditions
27. Christmas countdowns
28. Christmas shirt
29. Christmas tree shirt
30. Christmas outfit
31. Nice Christmas outfit
32. Matching Christmas outfits
33. Christmas pajamas
34. Christmas pjs
35. Matching gifts
36. Family gifts
37. Gifts from Santa
38. Christmas dress
39. Red and green dress
40. Peppermint dress
41. Candy cane dress
42. Peppermint swirl dress
43. Gingerbread dress
44. Gingerbread shirt
45. Elf gifts
46. Elf dress
47. Elf outfit
49. Stocking stuffers
50. Stocking stuffers for kids
51. Stocking stuffers for girls
52. Stocking stuffers for boys
53. Gag gifts
54. White elephant gifts
55. Office party gifts
56. Holiday gifts
57. Holiday gift ideas
58. Holiday gifts for her
59. Holiday gifts for him
60. Holiday gifts for kids
61. Childrens holiday gifts
62. Kids holiday gifts
63. Holiday party ideas
64. Holiday party games
65. Holiday party recipes
66. Holiday party favors
67. Gifts for him
68. Gifts for her
69. Gifts for mom
70. Gifts for mother
71. Gifts for dad
72. Gifts for father
73. Gifts for sister
74. Gifts for brother
75. Gifts for parents
76. Gifts from kids
77. Gifts from children
78. Gifts for atheists
79. Gifts for teachers
80. Gifts for in laws
81. Gifts for grandmother
82. Gifts for grandma
83. Gifts for grandfather
84. Gifts for grandpa
85. Winter party ideas
86. Winter clothing
87. Winter clothes
88. Warm winter clothes
89. Cute winter clothes
90. Winter scarf
91. Winter sweater
92. Winter gloves
93. Winter mittens
94. Snowman wreath
95. Snowman decor
96. Snowman decorations
97. Snowman centerpiece
98. Snowman shirt
99. Snowman outfit
100. Snowman clothing
101. Snowman hat
102. Snowman earrings
103. Snowman jewelry
104. Snowflake decor
105. Snowflake decorations
106. Snowflake outfit
107. Snowflake wreath
108. Snowflake shirt
109. Snowflake clothing
110. Snowflake clothes
111. Gingerbread cookies
112. Gingerbread men
113. Gingerbread candles
114. Cranberry decorations
115. Cranberry decor
116. Pine tree decor
117. Pine wreath
118. White elephant gifts
119. Office party favors
120. Office party gifts
121. Office party decorations
122. Nondenominational holiday ideas
123. Nondenominational party ideas
124. Holiday office party games
125. Hanukkah decorations
126. Hanukkah decor
127. Hanukkah sweater
128. Hanukkah gift
129. Hanukkah card
130. Hanukkah wreath
131. Hanukkah shirt
132. Hanukkah stocking
133. Hanukkah ornament
134. Menorah candles
135. Menorah candle holder
136. Menorah necklace
137. Menorah ornament
138. Star of David decor
139. Star of David decorations
140. Star of David necklace
141. Star of David earrings
142. Star of David bracelet

If you’ve read this far then congratulations! While obviously not an exhaustive list of keywords, I do think these will get you going in the right direction. Again, if you have any questions or concerns about your SEO please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

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