Las Vegas, Last Days of Summer, and Lasting Impressions

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Las Vegas, Last Days of Summer, and Lasting Impressions

This is not the blog I thought I would be writing today. Sean and I just finished the last of our summer sabbatical and October marked the beginning of buckling down for the holiday season. I was planning on writing a fun, pithy, and somewhat silly post about what we’ve been up to over these last few weeks, but that just doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. I was planning on sharing my excitement for the holidays, launching a new product for the month, and bolstering sales for the latest issue of the Handmade Seller magazine.  But.  Again…  It just doesn’t seem appropriate.  So, rather than jump back into work as expected, today I want to dedicate to sending out love and light to those that need it.

A few years ago, Sean and I actually spent the weekend at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  Literally, just yesterday we joked about booking a trip to Vegas and that very same hotel came up.  I enjoyed my time there and I loved the in-casino aquarium. The idea that the strip, or any place really, could become a shooting ground was a concept I still considered alien and inconceivable. It’s still inconceivable to me.

Today is a day were there are no words. I feel like I only just wrote a similar blog post in honor of 9/11, but I find myself once again staring at a blank screen.  Today, I want to spend with my family and friends.  Today, I want to reflect on life.

Today, my thoughts are with you.

Tomorrow, we will begin the process of healing.

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  1. 10-3-2017

    I’m also finding yesterday and today hard to get motivated with the normal Shop duties and duties of life actually. Just feeling melancholy, reflective and so so saddened by everything. My heart is broken I’m afraid. Peace & love to all …

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