Thanksgiving SEO: Free Keyword List

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Thanksgiving SEO:  Free Keyword List

It’s Labor Day weekend so that means there is only one thing to talk about: Thanksgiving! That’s right, I’m going to be talking turkey on today’s installation of The Write Assistant blog. For each holiday, I try to publish a general list of keywords to help my followers out. These keywords are based on top trending phrases for the season and should be used only if they are applicable to your products. If you would like a little more personal help for your keywords, I do offer title and tag packages starting as low as $15.99 here: Title and Tag Help

So, without further ado, I am pleased to share my 2017 keyword list for Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving décor
Thanksgiving decorations
Thanksgiving sign
Thanksgiving wall hanging
Thanksgiving print
Thanksgiving file
Thanksgiving home decor
Thanksgiving wreath
Thanksgiving outfit
Thanksgiving shirt
Thanksgiving bodysuit
Thanksgiving tutu
Thanksgiving SVG
Thanksgiving card
Thanksgiving games
Thanksgiving party ideas
Thanksgiving ideas
Thanksgiving recipes
Baby girl Thanksgiving outfit
Baby boy Thanksgiving outfit
Turkey shirt
Turkey skirt
Turkey outfit
Baby girl turkey outfit
Baby boy turkey outfit
Turkey skirt
Happy Thanksgiving
Cornucopia sign
Cornucopia decorations
Hostess gift

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