Talking Through Tragedy: Customer Service During Disasters

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Talking Through Tragedy:  Customer Service During Disasters

We have all been impacted by the horrific scenes of Hurricane Harvey over the last few days.  There are many worthy charities that are working hard to directly improve the situations of those affected by the storm on the ground.  While I have been out on vacation, when I came home I had multiple requests in my inbox asking for help.  They weren’t asking for money or donations, but rather asking for a small sliver of kindness.  These people were small business owners facing unimaginable difficulties as they weathered the storm and they were being faced with angry, irate, and impatient customers wanting to know why their order was taking so long.  I want that to sink in with you for a moment.  People wanted to know why their prints, scarves, key chains, car decals, and other assorted goodies and gifts were delayed in the face of a devastating storm.  Forget about postal service backup, let’s just consider the fact that many roads and homes are underwater.

As you can tell, I’m a little passionate about this issue.

I wanted to take a moment to type up a template for you to use if you are within the area affected.  This template is not a solution, by any means, but hopefully it can offer you a little strength in a time of great adversity.

Customer Name, 

I am writing to you to let you know that {insert company name} is located in {insert town/city} and has been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  While we are currently doing our best in the situation, your order has been delayed.  Customer service is extremely important to me, so I would like to offer several options moving forward.  I can cancel your order, process a full refund, and offer you a coupon code for a future order once we are fully operational again.  Alternatively, if you do not mind waiting for the storm to clear, I can process your order with an extended delivery time with an anticipated date of completion around {insert date}. 

Your order, and your experience, is very important to me.  I appreciate your understanding in this highly unusual circumstance and look forward to doing what I can to improve this situation.

Your Name

Company Name 

Please feel free to share this post, copy this template, spread it around however you think it may help others.  Change the wording so that it fits your needs.  This is a guideline and, it is my hopes, it is a small relief for the stress you are currently experiencing.  For anyone struggling further, please feel free to contact me directly or to send me a message through my coaching group COPYWRITING FOR CREATIVES.


  1. 9-1-2017

    Thank you so much! I am about to answer by 40+ ugly emails and solve some problems. I really appreciate your help. We have so much going on and although I posted alerts in my shop and in social media, it doesn’t look like anyone read those.

  2. 8-30-2017

    Thank you very much! Very much appreciated at this time!

  3. 8-30-2017

    Thank you for this. I’m sure this will be a great help to those affected and let’s them know that there are others out here trying to help as best we can and that they are not alone.

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