Using Color To Make Your Brand Blossom!

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Using Color To Make Your Brand Blossom!

Blue is associated with trust, wisdom, and knowledge. It’s why I used teal as one of my main colors in my branding scheme.  By pairing it with coffee and cream (my literal writing muses), I’ve created a brand palette that speaks to me and, hopefully, my target audience.  Clients that seek me out do so because I can offer them education, empowerment, and bite-sized pieces of knowledge that they can apply to their business.  While I have come to be rather fond of the color blue over the years, my favorite color is purple.  Specifically, lavender.  I wouldn’t use purple for my company though.  Why not?  Because purple is the color of royalty and extravagance.  I don’t want my clients to see me as being hoity-toity!  I’m really down to earth, in all honesty.

Color is important.

Color in marketing is absolutely critical in your overall company display.

The branding company Iconic Fox created a graphic detailing the specifics of each color and how they apply to the psychology of marketing.  If you’d like to see the full graphic in it’s entirety, I recommend taking a closer look here:

Iconic Fox Branding

If you just want to scroll on and get a solid snapshot of the most commonly used colors, read on!











  1. 8-11-2017

    Thanks for sharing! I learned lots! We use primary colors red, blue, and yellow. Need to incorporate what they represent more in our copy!

  2. 8-9-2017

    Thanks so much for the visual on colors – very interesting!
    Looks like my ‘blue’ logo was subconsciously a great choice.

    Please never stop teaching us. I learn something new with each post from you.

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