Why Dunkin Donuts Might Be Going Away Forever

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Why Dunkin Donuts Might Be Going Away Forever

If you live on the East coast, you know Dunkin. After all, American runs on Dunkin. Right? Maybe. The company behind Dunkin Donuts, Dunkin Brands is considering changing the way we think about this great pink and orange giant forever. They are considering changing the name of the company and simply cropping out the donuts! They aren’t going to be getting rid of the pastries, but they are going to slice the company name in half to see how consumers respond.


It’s actually pretty interesting.

Danny Cox of Inquistr wrote an article called Dunkin Donuts Is Thinking About Changing Its Name on August 4th and he proposed that this might offer the company a little more strength in todays breakfast world market. While East coasters already know they offer pretty good pastries (at most places), the company behind the donuts wants consumers to know that their coffees and various drinks are just as good as other industry giants.

This to me is an amazing example of branding research and development playing out in real life.  The name change is not by any means official, and will only be tested in select markets.  If it goes well though, we might be thinking about Dunkin in a whole new light.

Have you ever considered rebranding?

What’s stopped you from going through with it?

What pushed you to change?


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  1. 8-8-2017

    I rebranded about a year ago. I was using a business name that had the word “grandma” in the title, and I after narrowing down my target market, I realized that
    “grandma” probably sounded more old-fashioned than I wanted.

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