Weekend Away

This is a short little announcement because I realized, in my haste, I did not post yesterday!  I will be out of the office this weekend.  I am just tying things up here this morning before I hit the road.  I’ll be back Monday evening and likely writing right on schedule for Tuesday.  If you need me, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at thewriteassistant@gmail.com.  I may be able to answer depending on my internet connectivity.  I’ve also decided that it’s high time to launch my August discount!  Etsy title, tag, and description bundles are on sale for $59.99 per two pack normally priced $34.99 each!)

You can score this awesome deal by following this link:

Awesome Discount

Don’t wait to get your fall copy up; now is the time for pumpkins, chai, marshmallows, and turkey!


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