Etsy Coupons: Revolutionize Your Reach

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Etsy Coupons:  Revolutionize Your Reach

Coupons can be a brilliant way to entice new customers and reward repeat customers. There’s a reason I rotate a monthly special for my writing packages. Etsy is starting to pay attention to buyer trends because each time you make a sale, they are making a sale as well. Let’s be honest here: Your success is Etsy’s success. Yesterday, on August 1st, Shadi Jurdi published the following article:

New Sales and Coupons Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

According to the wisdom set forth in this article, 71% of Etsy shoppers are looking for the “best deal”. Translated, this means coupons and promotions! It’s easy for customers to compare listings at a glance with their initial results, but it makes sense Etsy is going to take this to the next level. The following timeline was released for new seller tools:


This is a big deal, you guys! This could be a game changer in the way we advertise to our customers. The article then goes on to summarize four key benefits to these changes:

  1.  Easily schedule and run promotions
  2. Attract new customers – and keep them coming back
  3. Coupon improvements
  4. Detailed insights about your promotions

To review the details in full, I highly recommend reading the article linked above as it is the source of all this knowledge.  If you prefer my SparkNotes version, then what you need to know is that this, in my opinion, is a very positive development.  You’ll be able to set minimum order values for promotions, discount items between 10 – 70%, and create special links with built-in discounts for an easier customer experience.  I’m curious to hear your thoughts about this update and would love to know how you plan to take advantage of this delightful development.


  1. 8-2-2017

    I use a repeat customer coupon on every sale /email and I also include a coupon code with my orders in my cards. I very rarely have anyone use them. Even when I advertise a coupon code nobody uses them. I probably have had 6-8 people use them in five years. I have one in the flourish swag too. My coupon is only a 10% coupon because my items are pretty much (90%) under $20. Is that too cheap of a coupon?

    • 8-2-2017

      It might be, but you also don’t want to overdo coupons because customers may question your pricing. I think a 10% discount is perfect in these cases.

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