Fantastic Fall Trends: 2017 Essentials

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Fantastic Fall Trends: 2017 Essentials

Last week, I ended my posts with the Pantone Color Report for Fall 2017 so I thought it was only fitting I followed up with a review of anticipated product trends.  Published in June 2017, Country Living suggests that this season we should expect quite a few interesting accents, decorations, and styles.  They open up their article by saying five previous trends are on their way out and then go on to explain which ones will be replacing them in the public eye.  Marble, copper accents, all white interiors, generic furniture, and boring bedding will fall by the way side only to get replaced with the following:

  1.  Dark green everything
  2. Relaxing retreats (goodbye digital plugins!)
  3. Velvet
  4. Woven textures (baskets, textiles, and wicker)
  5. Blush pink
  6. Faux finishes
  7. Brass (it’s the new copper)
  8. Quilts
  9. Dark paint
  10. Interesting bedding
  11. Terra cotta tile
  12. Statement ceilings
  13. Bone inlay
  14. Matte black home accessories
  15. Extending the outdoor season

I highly recommend checking out the original article for a full breakdown of each of these trends here:

 Home Trends for Fall

Can I just say how excited I am for all the quilters out there? You are about to launch into a truly explosive season for you! I want to see examples of your interesting bedding so go ahead and link them in the comments below. If you have some products that fit into these trends outside of quilts, let’s see those too!

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  1. 7-31-2017

    Good morning Kateland,
    I am finding (I make baby bedding) that my buyers are asking for “pretty” old fashioned prints for their bedding. They also want a softer fabrics touching skin on the reverse side of it though. They’re very “picky” when it comes to nursery prints and aren’t afraid to fork out big bucks for what they want. They don’t want so many “cutsey” baby prints, they want soft and gorgeous. I’m getting 4-5 custom requests weekly for custom bedding. I have several in my shop, but this is one of them. Not fall colors though. The other one that sells well is the woodland one that’s made the same way.

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