Get Great Reviews This Time and Every Time

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Get Great Reviews This Time and Every Time

Reviews are one of the most important aspects of a handmade sellers business because they offer (hopefully) unbiased feedback. They can make or break you and in the world of digital sales, they act as word of mouth. The Etsy Help desk has put together a true wealth of information on how to manage your Etsy shop, but they also have some great articles that can apply to businesses across any platform. I often work with clients that struggle with negative reviews because they don’t know how to respond to them. If you are currently dealing with a negative review, then hop on over to my article on addressing them below:

Dealing With Angry Customers

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, however, so if you haven’t yet had a bad review and you want to make sure you avoid them, read on! Here are the top five practices recommended by the Etsy Help Desk to ensure you keep those positive reviews coming in and those negative reviews at bay:

1. Treat every buyer like they’re your first.

2. Keep your shop honest.

3. Deal with mistakes right away.

4. Ask yourself, “Is there anything else I can do?”

5. Always follow up.

These rules, while simple, are incredibly valuable. I can’t stress the importance of adhering to each and every one of them because if you do, you will be providing better customer service than the majority of your competitors. Remember, your Etsy shop should be a polished business and not just a hobby store IF you really want to turn into into a revenue generating stream. If you are happy to keep it as more of a hobby, still keep to these rules but don’t feel as though you need to be so rigorous. To read more about each of these concepts, head on over to the Etsy Help desk and read the original article in it’s entirety here: 5 Ways to Get Great Reviews

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