Happy Fourth Of July

The title really does say it all, doesn’t it? If you are a fellow American, then happy Fourth of July to you! If you are a Canadian, happy belated Canada Day! Sean, Pippin, and I have entered the dog days of summer which means things are slowing down a little bit before they pick back up. It’s so important to spend time with family and friends, and the summer is traditionally my off season. I tend to see things picking back up in August (because my clients know the importance of getting ahead of the back to school and fall seasons). For now though, I am happy to enjoy the warmth and work on my non-existent tan.

I will be taking tomorrow (the actual Fourth of July) off and will be back in the office on July 5th. As always, if I have any orders due on the holiday they will of course be completed but otherwise I’m turning the phone off and answering messages after the break!

What are you doing to celebrate?

I wanted to share a little of what we’ve been doing. For those of you following Pippin the puppy and his adventures in medicine, he is doing very well and has officially recovered from neutering. Two orthopedic vets have cleared him and he does not have dysplasia but rather a moderate case of hip bursitis. Nothing that donuts, iced tea, and rest can’t cure.


Photo Details: Our House restaurant 


Photo Details: Sean and I preparing to enjoy Poorhouse Pies donut day!


Photo Details: Poorhouse Pies

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