Preparing For Surgery

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Preparing For Surgery

Today I am writing a blog that is less informational and more informative for my followers. Those of you that know Sean and I, already know that we have been dealing with some new medical information regarding Pippin the Puppy. Pippin is our lovely 4.5 month old yellow lab. We noticed he was having some difficulty walking, so we went to the vet to get him checked out. The vet is concerned about hip dysplasia and so tomorrow he is going down for sedated images and neutering. The thought process is that if he does in fact have hip dysplasia, we can do corrective surgery under the age of six months.

I have rearranged my schedule to handle this upset and have been very appreciative of everyone’s kind thoughts. Moving forward, I am planning on blogging twice weekly with the hope to return to three times weekly pending his results. More than likely, we are facing a long road filled with many consults and puppy physical therapy. If you have gone through something similar, please feel free to share your experiences below.


  1. 6-14-2017

    We have not gone through anything like it, but wish you the very best outcome with your sweet pup. I’ll be thinking of all of you. <3

  2. 6-14-2017

    Good morning Kateland. I bet Pippin will do great today. You may need a sedative though. Neutering is a “piece of cake”. It’s trying to keep them quite and out of trouble afterwards so they can heal that’s the hard part. My daughter works for a spay and neuter clinic lol. They do 90-100 a day. That’s alot of surgeries. As for the other part of Pippin ‘s problem, hopefully it’s not hip displasia. Sometimes labs in general can grow super fast and it cases them terrible growing pains. We’ve had two labs with the same problem. Our vet suggested not neutering until he was older to give him time to finish growing. He had a terrible time walking. Our daughter is a vet student and told me why “I don’t fully understand it but it did make sense). Good luck today and tell him Deke the lab says gook luck. Try to breathe Kateland. I know he’s your baby. I’ll be thinking of you today.

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