Finding Father’s Day Sales

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Finding Father’s Day Sales

Father’s Day was first introduced in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd. Dodd wanted to celebrate fathers and so she set about changing the course of American holiday history. It wasn’t long before her holiday took hold and each year Father’s Day offers not only a chance to thank patriarchs for their hard work, it also offers handmade sellers the chance to stimulate sales. This year, Father’s Day is on June 18th and only a few weeks away. If you sell any products with a masculine target market, it is worth considering expanding your keyword selection to target last minute shoppers. If you haven’t been actively marketing your items towards these fine gentlemen, it’s not too late to put out a few promotional programs to get some bites.

Here’s a few items to stimulate some sales:

1. Email blast your followers!

Share a special newsletter where you showcase fathers and offer them a little something extra as the day approaches. This can come in the form of an exclusive discount or limited edition product that can only be bought through your newsletter.

2. Run a social media contest!

People love to talk about themselves and their family members. Give them a chance to praise their fathers by asking them to share a picture and a story. Everyone who enters is placed in a post-Father’s Day drawing that can be redeemed after the holiday to continue sales past the main event.

3. Run a last minute promotion!

In the 48 hours leading up to Father’s Day, run a steep discount for those last minute shoppers to entice them (and remind them it’s OK to wait sometimes). After all, some fathers prefer frugality.

I’m planning on hosting a thread in my VIP coaching group COPYWRITING FOR CREATIVES where members can share stories about their families while also entering in for a prize. Tell me about your ideas in the comments below, or feel free to drop a link to your favorite Father’s Day item.


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    This is my awesome fathers day item with some fabulous copy thanks to Kateland!

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