Visits Versus Views: Etsy Stats Explained

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Visits Versus Views:  Etsy Stats Explained

Talk about frustrating! Just when you think you have it all down pat, understood, and locked up, things go and change again. Such is life. I’m talking about, of course, the new Etsy Dashboard and the insanity that is Etsy Views versus Etsy Visits.  We’ve all been comfortable with the concepts of Views, Favorites, and Sales for many years now so when Etsy transitioned over to the new Shop Manager, many of us were left scratching our collective heads. I promise, it’s not that complicated.


Way back when, a View was defined as any listing opened up for more than 3 seconds.

That means, if you had one person scrolling through your shop and they looked at 17 different listings, you would have 17 Views in your Dashboard.



Well, maybe not really.  It’s just not that accurate when it comes to measuring actual shopping trends.  When you throw the practice of like-for-like or view-for-view games or ladders, then you are just skewing your values even more.  While it might feel good to see big numbers in the Dashboard, it didn’t really translate to anything concrete.

Part of the Shop Manager overhaul was to offer sellers more accurate ways to track customer practices.  Enter the Visit.  Now, when you have a customer scrolling through your shop it doesn’t matter how long they stay or what they look at, you are seeing ONE visit per customer.  Don’t get down on yourself if your numbers seem to be low.  They are that way for everyone.  It’s just a matter of getting used to this new metric and, I think, in the long run it would do us all some good to get away from staring at the numbers.  Business is about relationships and making connections with people.

Let’s turn those visits into loyal customers, cha-chings, and success!


  1. 11-22-2017

    very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it.

  2. 11-21-2017

    Thanks for the info! I was a bit confused myself. I appreciate you clearing it up.

  3. 11-7-2017

    I just checked my shop and have 15 views but no visits?!? How can this be? Also I’ve noticed that the number of views and visits are not cumulative throughout the day. I may have 15/2 in the morning and 11/0 later in the day. This is very frustrating!

  4. 11-3-2017

    So can anyone explain how I can have views but no visits? For example, this morning I had 5 views but no visits, how is that possible? Wouldn’t the shopper be logged as a visit before they can view the listings?

    • 11-4-2017

      That is perplexing! It may be a glitch in the system or something else, but without having back-end access there is no way for me to say with any certainty why that is happening.

      • 11-9-2017

        The views are updated in real time but the visits are only updated a few times a day. So you could have 5 views and no visits at the time you check your stats but rest arrived by the end of the day the visits will update.

  5. 10-25-2017


    I’m brand new to Etsy, so I’m at a loss when you compare the new way of doing things to how they used to be done. I’m left with only a vague idea of what you’re communicating: “When you throw the practice of like-for-like or view-for-view games or ladders, then you are just skewing your values even more.” What does this mean?

    This morning, when I checked my stat’s, I found I had one visit and nine views. After reading your explanation, I’d be inclined to think that One person had visited my store and looked at nine listings. However, an hour later, the number of views had increased to thirteen but I’d still had only one visit. Has the same visitor come back for a second look an hour later or is my assumption way off target?

    Add this to the fact that some of my listings are down as having had no visits and have not been favored, when in fact they have (the Etsy members who have favored them are there in my recent activity list), and it all gets very confusing indeed!

    The most frustrating thing of all, however, is that the stuff which Etsy need to communicate is really quite straightforward. When I hover over the the words View and Visits a help balloon appears. Surely it’s not beyond them to use this facility to provide a simple , concise explanation of their terminology. For example, if 2 visits does in fact mean that two different people have entered my shop for a look round, then why not just say so? Surely this is just a common sense matter?

    I think the very fact that this blog exists, and that so many other people have searched online for answers to simple questions such as these, demonstrates incontrovertibly that Etsy are not focusing properly. Can someone please just explain to me, in a nutshell, what these thing mean.

    • 11-6-2017

      Hi Mick,

      I was looking for the same info as you and here’s what I found on Etsy’s site: Visits are the number of people who looked at your shop or listings and Views are the number of times they load a listing or your shop page.

      I find it equally as frustrating. The seller handbook is fine, but I’m from the corporate world where a handbook is much more than articles published that may or may not contain pertinent information.

  6. 10-8-2017

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same
    comment. Is there any way you can remove people from
    that service? Bless you!

    • 10-9-2017

      I cannot edit your settings but I believe if you go back to the original thread you can uncheck that option and stop following the comments. Let me know if that works!

  7. 9-11-2017

    I had not been able to find this explained anywhere, so thank you!

  8. 5-25-2017

    Thank you! This is the clearest explanation that I have seen regarding visits vs. views.

  9. 5-24-2017

    The habit of “over checking” stats was a problem I had, but no more. I do like the new setup and think it’s more reflective of what’s really happening – and since I’m a low visits Shop, I’ve gotten away from the constant looking. Yes!

  10. 5-23-2017

    Really appreciate your perspective. I think I’ll stop grumbling now. Thank you!

  11. 5-23-2017

    I am getting used to it…I am sure it is like everything else, once you get used to it, it will be fine!

  12. 5-22-2017

    It’s a more sophisticated algorithm that tracks “sessions” rather than page clicks. In my case the more time they spend at my Etsy store or my website the more likely they are to buy.

  13. 5-22-2017

    I’m GLAD they changed to visits. I never participate in the like for like ladders because it does nothing to boost my business and skews my stats. I came from the corporate world where numbers were very real and necessary. I’m not usually a fan of change but this one is awesome.

  14. 5-22-2017

    Thank you for this – It makes much more sense now. Thanks for all the great info!!

  15. 5-22-2017

    YES, it is a bit confusing. I lost 3 listings because the automatic renewal prompt is no longer available, or at least I can’t find it.

  16. 5-22-2017


    I love the new way Etsy shows my visits! I know it is alot of bugs in the dashboard, but I hope they eventually will straighten out! Thank you for your post! Love your blog!

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