The New Etsy CEO: First Thoughts

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The New Etsy CEO:  First Thoughts

Josh Silverman, the new CEO of Etsy, hosted his first live text-based Q&A yesterday from 11 AM – 1 PM EST and the reactions were mixed. If you want to read the entire transcript you may do so directly here: Josh Silverman Q&A. Be warned: There are over sixty-five pages of comments, questions, and answers. I think it is important to remember that this was his first public interaction with Etsy sellers as the CEO. It is, in my humble opinion, unrealistic to expect him to offer concrete solutions at this junction. As the CEO, it is his job to act as a figurehead and to gauge on to proceed. A key step in this process is gathering information. I truly believe this Q&A was more for Etsy than it was for us. They were gathering information on how we feel as a community so that they can prioritize interventions.

As with all Etsy Q&A’s, only the top voted comments were addressed by Etsy administration. He opened up the thread with the following introduction post:


I read through the top-voted comments and his answers and do not believe it is worth the average sellers time to read through every single comment. The majority of his answers are intentionally vague and overwhelmingly positive. This sense of optimism, I think, serves him well in this instance. There is absolutely no way he can solve all the issues that have been cropping up over the years but what he is doing, rather effectively, is listening to the Etsy community. While it may not feel like anything concrete at the moment, I think it’s a good first interaction. In particular, this question and answer stood out to me the most:



What I like about this response, or rather set of responses, is that he purposefully avoids speaking anecdotally.  I think this exchange summarizes the entire thread quite beautifully.  He addresses each question individually with a polished answer, provides some sense of reassurance that he is interested in the best of the community, and reaffirms the position that Etsy will remain a unique marketplace.

Whether this is what will actually take place has yet to be seen.

It’s just too early to make any judgement calls so with today’s post I want to encourage you to consider all responses with an open mind.  As more information becomes available, I will update you.  In the meantime, keep on creating, listing, and (hopefully) selling.


  1. 5-12-2017

    Thanks for your thought on this. I did read through the entire Q&A and gained very little real information. I finished hopeful that maybe he understands our specific concerns a bit more.

  2. 5-12-2017

    He only actually answered what he wanted to with pre prepared responses. He neatly sidestepped anything he didn’t care to answer.
    In the end he is answerable only to shareholders and not sellers. What they want will govern how etsy develops not what we as sellers want.

  3. 5-12-2017

    The main thing I took away from it, is that Etsy payments suspension s in mid May are going to happen. He would have addressed that situation if it was going to change. But who knows, maybe Etsy will soften their approach.

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