Marketing for Mother’s Day

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Marketing for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up in quick succession and I’m seeing a lot of my clients ignore these holidays.  Don’t!  These are two important holidays to capture your audience if you sell gifts of any nature.  As Mother’s Day is only a few weeks ago, I wanted to come back to a few last minute marketing ideas I discussed last year around this time.

I think that article still holds true so I’d like to revisit those concepts for my new (and seasoned) readers.  If you haven’t been marketing like crazy to get those gifts out, you can always run a few flash (or more appropriately named, panic) sales.  Generally, I do not recommend capitalizing on fear for your audiences but with a little good humor and the right target market this can actually work pretty well:

1. Send an email with a last minute coupon code, free shipping, or even better: Both!

2. Create a post-holiday sale with enticing slashed prices to help take the sting away from late shoppers’ shame.

3. Run a contest through social media to increase engagement.

While I understand that last tips won’t generate immediate sales, it is always a good idea to keep your audience engaged with you.  So, tell me if you are prepared for this matronly holiday this year or if you are scrambling to get noticed.

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  1. 4-29-2017

    Mother’s Day is a holiday for me that is 2nd to Christmas as far as orders!

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