Evaluating Etsy Keywords

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Evaluating Etsy Keywords

Selecting keywords for your Etsy site can be a bit of a headache, and I say that as someone who specializes in this very process! There’s a reason many of my clients hire me to do their SEO for them: It takes time and can be frustrating. If you’ve read through my library of SEO articles then you already know how I feel about the current best practices for formatting titles and selecting tags. If you haven’t checked those out, I recommend starting there before proceeding with this article.

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So, you’ve done your research and found a selection of keywords that you think will be effective for your product. You’ve arranged the title just so and added dashes for easy readability, you’ve updated the tags to match, and you’ve even sprinkled those keywords into the description because you don’t want to forget about your Google ranking. Well done! Now you sit back and wait for the sales to roll in… Right?


You cannot stop there.

One of the most common concerns/complaints I get is that a client will change their titles and tags and then feel frustrated when nothing changes. First of all, these two sections are only one factor in the ever-changing and always complex world of search engine algorithms and buyer trends. You could have absolutely stellar Christmas products but if we are getting ready to celebrate July Fourth, no one is looking for Christmas! I always caution clients that patience is one of the most important ingredients for SEO work. It can take, in some cases, a few weeks to see changes. This is especially true if this is a newly listed item without any sale or review history.

But how do you know if the keywords are good?

You can evaluate your ranking by searching out your keyword placement. This is a fairly simple process and only takes a few steps:

1. Pick a listing you want to evaluate!

2. Go to Etsy.com and type your first keyword phrase (in the title) into the Etsy search bar.

3. See how many results pop up (your competitors) and see where you fall!

4. Rinse and repeat.

I must add that it is is important to do this part of your research in the Private/Incognito setting of your browser. This prevents you from getting compromised results because you are searching for your item. If you are really into getting the most accurate results, you should refresh or open a new browser between searches. Keep track of which keywords are putting you in a higher position and which aren’t. That’s when you know to swap them out.

Let’s keep this discussion going! What questions do you have about keyword research? If you are really struggling with your Etsy Titles and Tags, I’d be happy to help you. I offer a title and tag package for only $15.99 on my website and I’m offering a 10% discount code for those who have enjoyed this article:

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  1. 4-24-2017

    I have no clue what I’m looking for in keywords and therefore find myself using every word or phrase I can think of when making a listing. I’m not sure if more is better or if specific keywords pointing in a direction would be better.

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