Screening Facebook Requests

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Screening Facebook Requests

Facebook is a wonderful platform for engaging with family, friends, and potential customers. A large part of my company is run through Facebook interactions as I have both a Facebook page (THE WRITE ASSISTANT FACEBOOK PAGE) and a Facebook group (COPYWRITING FOR CREATIVES). Both of these facets of my company serve very different functions but they are integral to keeping my presence alive for my target audience. The purpose of this article is not to delve into which is better (or if one is better, for that matter) but rather to address a cool new feature that Facebook seems to be rolling out.

Screening questions!

That’s right! Just like you might have once screened your phone calls using caller ID on a landline, a select few have the ability to screen potential group members. Kimberly Castleberry first wrote about this concept back in January 2017 in her article here:

Facebook’s Looking to Improve Group Member Moderation with Application Questions

This function is not available to all groups yet, but earlier last week my group went live with screening questions. You will have the option to add up to three questions but I went with the following two, simple, queries:

1. Where did you hear about Copywriting for Creatives?

2. What type of business do you own?

These two questions allow me, already, to save an amazing amount of time screening member requests! They let me get direct feedback as to which of my advertisements are working and they also prevent spam accounts or competitors from sneaking in to address my audience. If you have a Facebook group, you understand the importance of using it to position your brand and to create a community. The last thing you want is someone inappropriately commenting in your group at 2 AM your time and then waking up to 50+ notifications of angry members!

This is what it looks like when I’m waiting on members to answer questions:

FB Group

I’ve blurred out names and companies but you get the general idea!  If someone has not answered the questions, it lets me know I’m waiting on a response.  If someone has a competing company, I may or may not want to let them into my inner circle.  If someone saw an ad I placed online, I see immediately that that is what brought them here.

This is pretty amazing.

I’m a fan.

So, tell me, are you going to use the screening questions when they go live for you?  What are you going to ask and how do you see this information benefiting you?

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    Thank you for this article, you have piqued my interest in using Facebook for marketing.

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