Securing Shop Views: Etsy Resources

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Securing Shop Views:  Etsy Resources

Contrary to hopeful belief, putting up an Etsy shop is not enough. Sales won’t magically roll in. Views won’t populate your pages automatically and favorites will not fall into your lap. Having an Etsy shop is hard work and unless you spend a decent amount of time researching SEO, perfecting your photography, and writing dazzling descriptions. You can hire me for Etsy SEO and copy, but I can’t help you with photography. I also can’t help you with your promotion; at least directly. is a company that allows you to automate your social media platforms to, in theory, optimize your SEO (search engine optimization). They also publish a lovely blog which is chock full of tips and tricks. In February, they published this gem of an article:

40 Resources To Promote Your Etsy Shop

They broke it down into the top twenty marketing apps and the top twenty blogs to follow. I’m sharing their top ten for each category for you but if you want to see the full list of forty, please visit the original source article.

Here are my favorite ten marketing apps:

1. Social Rank

2. Social

3. Crowdfire

4. Piktochart

5. Moz

6. Klout

7. Canva

8. Stencil

9. Riffle

10. Referral Candy

Here are my favorite ten blogs (outside of my own, of course):

1. Launch Grow Joy

2. Everything Etsy

3. A Better Lemonade Stand

4. Handmadeology

5. Handmade Seller Magazine

6. Etsy-preneurship

7. Marmalead

8. Alltop

9. E-commerce Nation

10. Help Scout

I warned you: This wasn’t going to be easy. Hopefully though, I just helped you find some new tools that will make you work smarter while you are working hard.

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