Advocating For The Small Business Owner

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Advocating For The Small Business Owner

Taxes, legislature, and regulations are not always at the top of the small business owners mind, but perhaps they should be. Etsy, as a company, is taking this concept to a whole new level with the introduction of Etsy Advocacy. They are acutely aware that the large amount of sellers on their platform are grossly misrepresented when it comes to business regulations and they want to mobilize us to put an end to that circumstance. On March 28th, Etsy administrator Ilyssa Meyer announced the development and launch of Etsy Advocacy with the following statement:

You may not think about your shop at the government level day-to-day, but your businesses are impacted by any number of laws, including tax and regulatory proposals, trade laws, and net neutrality rules.

Beginning this month, we are actively calling on the Etsy seller community to mobilize and be your own champions. Visit Etsy Advocacy ( to get more information and sign up to receive updates on campaigns that may affect your business. We’ll also let you know about opportunities for you to get involved in advocacy efforts, like crafting comments on current issues, writing to your legislators, attending in-person organizing events, and meeting policymakers in your area.

To be successful, we need everyone’s participation. We know that every shop on Etsy has a story, and we want to know yours. Hearing first hand from you will help push conversations with legislators, so tell us how and why you started your creative business and some of the challenges you face – anything from taxes to managing slow sales.

You can read the original statement here: Etsy Advocacy Announcement


What can you do now? Well, Ilyssa recommends getting involved the following ways:

– Encourage Congress to stand up for you and your business: We’re asking members of Congress to join the newly formed Microbusiness Caucus, a group of representatives who will fight for the interests of Etsy sellers on everything from internet sales tax to international shipping. If you live in the US, contact your legislator ( today and urge them to join the Microbusiness Caucus.

– Protect European sellers from new VAT requirements: The European Union is planning to change how Value Added Tax (VAT) is collected and paid in Europe. These changes could force Etsy sellers who sell more than €10,000 worth of goods annually to collect and remit VAT for all buyers in the EU. We think microbusinesses like yours should be exempt from this requirement, and we’re pushing for a much higher sales threshold. If you live in Europe, sign this letter ( urging your finance minister to reduce VAT burdens in the EU.

For more information, visit the Etsy Advocacy website:

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  1. 3-31-2017

    The EU vat rules are exactly why I voted to leave the EU. The normal VAT threshold is £83,000 so why should I have to be the EU’s unpaid tax collector if my business only makes £10,000?

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