Etsy Attributes Are Live Today!

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Etsy Attributes Are Live Today!

For those of you paying attention to the latest and greatest Etsy algorithm change, you already know that Attributes are a big deal. They went live today. For those of you not in the direct know, my blog aims to help get you up to speed. First of all, what are Etsy Attributes? According to the Etsy Help article, Attributes are “distinct and organized characteristics to better describe your items.” The goal is that by using these characteristics, customers can find your items more easily.

I like to think of these qualifiers as extra tags.

If you would like to see the full Etsy Help article on Attributes basics, please follow this link directly:

Etsy Attributes 101

This article details the following basics:

1. Listing an Item with Categories and Attributes

2. Using Attributes

3. Updating your Items with Attributes

4. Quickly Adding Attributes to Your Items

5. Attributes and Etsy Search

I think it’s important to remember that this is a new program and it is not yet comprehensive. There are many categories that won’t quite fall into the Attributes and that is OK. Do not blindly add characteristics that do not fit with your products just so you have the Attributes filled out. For example, my writing service does not quite fit any of the categories. At this time, I am waiting to fill out any further details because I don’t want to stuff inappropriate statements into my listings. When it comes to how these sections will impact the search algorithm, Etsy put out the following statement:

Attributes are separate from item tags but work with them. Together they’ll provide buyers with the relevant and important information they’re looking for when shopping on Etsy.

Item features like color, size, and even holiday will be easily found and will appear in additional, relevant, and specific searches on Etsy.

Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. As more information becomes available on what this means for sellers, I’ll be updating the blog accordingly.


  1. 3-29-2017

    I was on beta team for attributes and can tell that it makes a difference. When I filled them my views jumped up.

  2. 3-28-2017

    I haven’t added attributes yet either. I sell therapy packs made of fabric and whenever I look at the attributes area it offers variations – I don’t offer people different sizes or colors/designs of the same pack usually. Everything is one of a kind. I always end up ignoring this area. I haven’t any idea how to use these for my product.

  3. 3-27-2017

    I emailed etsy suggestions… how about natural as a color– I do a product similar to burlap in color– and if the goal is to enhance search– who will search for beige burlap? Got the usual cut and paste vanilla response. “use beige”. Etsy does refine these as feedback comes in, but these cut and paste responses make a seller feel like they don’t care about feedback.

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