Bringing Home Pippin

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Bringing Home Pippin

Tomorrow, my life changes forever. Tomorrow, I will be bringing home Pippin our new eight-week old lab. Sean and I have been wanting a dog for a very long time and it’s only recently that the stars have aligned to make this dream come true. We’ve spent the last few weeks doing everything in our power to puppy proof our home (ha!), reading a ton of books on raising puppies and encouraging healthy habits in dogs, and arranging socialization opportunities once he comes home. Some of you might remember when I posted a picture of him a few weeks ago when he was but a tiny pup.



He’s a bit bigger now!  The breeder shared this picture at his six week mark:


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Mr. Pippin, I think, might become my unofficial mascot and I promise even though I’m going to be offline, I’ll be taking a ton of pictures for everyone.  If you are a dog owner, I’d love to know what your top tips are for raising furry ones.  Feel free to post your tips and tricks in the comments below.  If you sell dog products, please don’t hesitate to share your links as well.


  1. 3-17-2017

    Oh – so happy for you! YAY!!! Your family has a new very special member and will forever be changed by that love. Congratulations …

  2. 3-17-2017

    congrats.. I remember bringing my lab home.. he was much bigger than your Pippin. My dog was a shelter dog. Someone tied his preggo mom to the door! But my crazy Lab (who I call MethLab outside of the vet) was by far the most trainable than any dog I ever owned. He got housebroken in less than a week. They think he’s border collie too, which is a wild breed, but very intelligent.

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