Easter SEO: 2017 Keywords

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Easter SEO:  2017 Keywords

Saint Patrick’s will be here and gone before you know it so that means you should be turning your eyes to the next major holiday.  Easter is celebrated on Sunday April 16th this year (2017) and that means you have just about thirty days to get your goods into the hands of consumers.  Generally speaking, I do recommend advertising your holiday products a few months in advance but if you are a last minute up-dater then this list of general Easter keywords might come in handy.  As always, this is a general list and you should use this as a resource.  Not all keywords will work for all products or platforms and you should do the legwork yourself to make sure they are compatible with your items.

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Without further ado, here is my list of Easter keywords for 2017:

  1.  Easter Bunny
  2. Easter Bunny Shirt
  3. Easter Bunny Skirt
  4. Easter Bunny Outfit
  5. Easter Outfit
  6. Easter Sunday Outfit
  7. Easter Sunday Dress
  8. Easter Sunday Shirt
  9. Easter Bow
  10. Easter Tie
  11. Easter Bow Tie
  12. Family Easter Pictures
  13. Easter Photo Props
  14. Easter Props
  15. Easter Home Decor
  16. Easter Decor
  17. Easter Decorations
  18. Easter Sign
  19. Easter Wall Hanging
  20. Easter Wreath
  21. Easter Door Wreath
  22. Easter Gift
  23. Easter Treats
  24. Easter Favors
  25. Easter Basket
  26. Easter Basket Ideas
  27. Easter Basket Treads
  28. Nonedible Easter Treats
  29. Nonedible Easter Favors
  30. Nonedible Easter Gifts
  31. Easter Earrings
  32. Easter Jewelry
  33. Easter Necklace
  34. Easter Bracelet
  35. Easter Jewelry Set
  36. Easter Eggs
  37. Easter Egg Ideas
  38. Easter Egg Kits
  39. Dying Easter Eggs
  40. Easter Activities
  41. Religious Home Decor
  42. Christian Home Decor
  43. Easter Sunday Decor
  44. Religious Sign
  45. Religious Wall  Hanging
  46. Christian Sign
  47. Christian Wall Hanging
  48. Scripture Sign
  49. Scripture Wall Hanging
  50. Scripture Quotes


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