Breaking Down Etsy Categories

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Breaking Down Etsy Categories

When you set up a product listing on Etsy, you have the option to specify the category of your product. Etsy has been going through a lot of changes recently and have updated their master list of options based on customer feedback. They created fifteen main categories which are then further split up into different options. Buyers are able to sort through categories to find the item they are looking for with greater efficacy so it makes sense to utilize these filters appropriately. Etsy encourages all sellers to use this profiling by describing your item as accurately as possible for best results.

The fifteen categories are as follows:

1. Accessories

2. Art & Collectibles

3. Bags & Purses

4. Bath & Beauty

5. Books, Movies & Music

6. Clothing

7. Craft Supplies & Tools

8. Electronics & Accessories

9. Home & Living

10. Jewelry

11. Paper & Party Supplies

12. Pet Supplies

13. Shoes

14. Toys & Games

15. Weddings

In addition to compiling these catgories for quick reference, Etsy also created an article that details how to select your categories here:


They fully acknowledge that this is a rather large list to go through when you consider each of the fifteen categories breaks down into further options. That is partially why they compiled a full version of the breakdown at the following link:


If you don’t want to spend your afternoon scrolling through the list (going cross-eyed) you can always use the search function to find your product. Simply type Ctrl + F and then type in the type of thing you are trying to list. If your product type doesn’t pop up right away, try a synonym for it. If all else fails, scroll away. It’s important to remember that this list is in no way comprehensive and so you might need to use a more general category. You can always request categories through Etsy Help and if they get enough requests for that particular item, there is the chance they would update their pages.

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