Crafting With A Purpose

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Crafting With A Purpose

We all feel a desire to create which is why we settle on our respective crafts. For me, I yearn to bring voices to life through text. For others, they might be drawn to creating custom portraits for families or quilting comfort out of scraps. Earlier this week, Etsy profiled the Quiltsy team for their recent charitable works. If you’d like to read the full article that was published on March 3rd, 2017, you can check it out here:


Quilsty is a team of quilters, appropriately enough, that sell their works on Last month a fire raged through the town of Gaitlinburg, Tennessee leaving many without homes or essentials. These quilters saw more than just a sad story on the news, they saw a chance to act and improve the lives of others. A call was posted asking for donations and while a total of forty-three people initially signed up to donate, a whooping sixty-seven quilts were made and donated. This is a wonderful example of a crafting community coming together to help those in need.

I like featuring stories like this because it reminds us that we all have special talents. We can all do things to help others and when you combine the two, magic happens.

TN 0209

Above: The quilts folded ready for donation.

TN 0211 a

Above: The quilts being transported!

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