Top 10 Etsy Mistakes

The fear of mistakes should never prevent us from pursuing our dreams, but it can be used to keep us focused on our goals. When starting on Etsy, many sellers fall into all too common pits. These mistakes can cause frustration, anger, and even depression if they aren’t corrected. They can lead you down a rabbit hole that is filled with misinformation and a complete and utter lack of sales. It’s my hope that this blog, and my library of free resources, can help others from falling into these traps. It’s also my goal that by scouring the internet for well written articles, videos, and tutorials that I can help save you the time from researching them yourself. To that end, I wanted to share a list of the top ten mistakes Etsy sellers make courtesy of Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer. Her article was published originally on February 14th, 2017 on Tough Nickel and can be read in its entirety here:


I’ve compiled the ten reasons below but I highly recommend you visit the original article for the authors full take:

1. Jumping in without research.

2. Posting grainy or fuzzy photos (bad photography).

3. Titles, titles, titles (not utilizing this space properly).

4. Descriptions (not talking to your audience).

5. Keywords (not using your tag fields properly).

6. Leaving the shop announcement blank.

7. Leaving your business biography blank.

8. Forgetting to integrate your social media platforms with your Etsy account.

9. Not continuing to learn!

10. Ignoring exposure outlets.

Each of these topics are conversations that I have gone rather in-depth with over the years, but I’m eager to hear which pitfall you are either in or have been stuck in when you first started out. Which point do you struggle with the most?


  1. 3-7-2017

    Titles and how to get more customers Thanks

  2. 3-3-2017

    Titles Titles Titles!!! Getting right my titles and keywords alike – still trying to get them right lol!

  3. 3-2-2017

    I am still learning, and I don’t think I will ever stop learning. My biggest mistake at first was my pictures and my titles. I was writing what I saw, and not what buyers would look for. I have learned a lot and as I implement what I learn, my store does better.

  4. 3-2-2017

    I agree with Amy. Not enough time to learn more. And I would add finding those exposure outlets.

    I do love the extra information I receive from The Write Assistant articles.

  5. 3-2-2017

    I would love to learn more about titles.

  6. 3-2-2017

    Continuing to learn….Only so many hours in the day….I find it hard to keep up with what I should be doing…..

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