Craft Show Checklist

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Craft Show Checklist

Make Something Two is a brilliant YouTube channel run by a woodworker with a passion for all things small business. Today, I wanted to feature his video on craft shows. Specifically, he breaks down the inventory that he took to a craft show and goes over his profit versus investment. If you want to skip right to the craft show checklist itself, go ahead and start the video at 5:13. I personally think the video is worth watching all the way through and I’d love to know what type of tips and tricks you use to make sure your craft shows are a success. Feel free to share your comments, links, or pictures in the comments below.

Reminder: The Check list starts at minute 5:13.

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  1. 3-1-2017

    I really enjoyed the entire video! I gleaned from it that I could be a bit more organized when it come to keeping track of sales.

    I loved the checklist! I do bring the majority of items he suggested, but there were some I never thought off and will definitely add to my craft fair “luggage”. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing!

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