Saint Patrick’s Day SEO: Jewelry

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Saint Patrick’s Day SEO:  Jewelry

Last month I published a list of my top sixty Saint Patrick’s Day keywords but I had several requests for jewelry phrases. If you have any ready to ship jewelry items and you are looking to make one last push for this holiday, you might want to utilize some of these words and phrases. As always, I recommend you research your products, target audience, and keywords appropriately and this selection of words is only meant to be used as a guide. If you would like to see the original list of 2017 Saint Patrick’s Day keywords you may visit the original article here:


Saint Patrick’s Day Jewelry SEO:

1. Saint Patricks Day Earrings
2. Saint Patricks Day Jewelry
3. Saint Patricks Day Bracelet
4. Saint Patricks Day Cuff
5. Saint Patricks Day Necklace
6. Saint Patricks Day Pendant
7. Saint Patricks Day Gift
8. St Patricks Day Earrings
9. St Patricks Day Jewelry
10. St Patricks Day Bracelet
11. St Patricks Day Cuff
12. St Patricks Day Necklace
13. St Patricks Day Pendant
14. St Patricks Day Gift
15. St Paddys Day Earrings
16. St Paddys Day Jewelry
17. St Paddys Day Bracelet
18. St Paddys Day Cuff
19. St Paddys Day Necklace
20. St Paddys Day Pendant
21. St Paddys Day Gift
22. Saint Paddys Day Earrings
23. Saint Paddys Day Jewelry
24. Saint Paddys Day Bracelet
25. Saint Paddys Day Cuff
26. Saint Paddys Day Necklace
27. Saint Paddys Day Pendant
28. Saint Paddys Day Gift
29. Shamrock Earrings
30. Shamrock Jewelry
31. Shamrock Bracelet
32. Shamrock Cuff
33. Shamrock Necklace
34. Shamrock Pendant
35. Four Leaf Clover
36. Four Leaf Clover Earrings
37. Four Leaf Clover Jewelry
38. Four Leaf Clover Bracelet
39. Four Leaf Clover Cuff
40. Four Leaf Clover Necklace
41. Four Leaf Clover Pendant
42. Four Leaf Clover Gift
43. Irish Pride Earrings
44. Irish Pride Jewelry
45. Irish Pride Bracelet
46. Irish Pride Necklace
47. Irish Pride Pendant
48. Irish Flag Jewelry
49. Irish Flag Earrings
50. Irish Flag Necklace

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