Balancing Acts of Small Business

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Balancing Acts of Small Business

It can be hard to balance the life of a small business owner. You may have realized that I actually did not publish an article this past Friday. Classically, I write Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week with articles that I hope my readers find inspirational and educational. I managed to even continue that trend when my husband and I were moving across country last year but on Friday, I slipped. Why should I bring this to your attention? Maybe you didn’t even notice!

But maybe you did.

The reason I wanted to acknowledge that I missed my Friday post is because I am a big believer in transparency. My business is built on authenticity and honesty and so I really do try to be open and honest with my followers. I did not have the time to post and it truly slipped my mind.

What I did have was a few large orders and a snowstorm that left most of Vermont in a winter wonderland. I ended up having to pick up a few shifts at my day job and for those of you who do know me, that means my writing schedule got a a bit bumped around. That’s OK. Things change. Needs shift.

There’s a reason my word of the year is BALANCE.

How many times have you looked at your to do list and felt utterly overwhelmed?

How many times have you felt guilty about not finishing something?

How many times have you over-extended yourself?

We all do it.

What’s important is that, as small business owners, we have a community that we can fall back upon and we can move forward. We can support each other. We can laugh through the successes, cry with the mistakes, and grow stronger each day. I evaluated what I needed to get done and I prioritized what I could skip. The blog was an easy choice (OK maybe not entirely easy). My customers and my patients come first and with that I am happy to say I am back to my regularly scheduled programming.

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