Puppy Love: Valentine’s Day Announcements

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Puppy Love:  Valentine’s Day Announcements

Have you heard the news? Sean and I recently got approved for our very first puppy and we are excited to be bringing him home the day after Saint Patrick’s! We’ve been waiting for a dog for a very long time now so this is a bit of a big deal in our personal lives. I’m so full of love and I thought it would be a cute play on words to showcase my week of Valentine’s Day sales as my “Puppy Love” sales in honor of our little guy. Over the next week, I’m going to be running a whole host of fun sales in my VIP group to prepare for this guys arrival.


His name is Pippin, by the way.

So the purpose of this post is two-fold. First, I’d love to see what type of products you sell if you sell doggie goods. Go ahead and drop your links in the comments below. He is a Labrador Retriever and anticipated to be about 65 lbs or so when fully grown. I am interested in collars, leashes, toys, bedding, clothing and (especially) bow ties!

The second reason I wanted to share this was to invite you to my VIP group Copywriting for Creatives. You can join here:


Not only will I be sharing the love through various discounts and rush upgrades, I’m also offering free website critiques to new members. All you have to do is join and post up a thread introducing yourself. We are an amazing community of sellers that is now nearly 3.5K strong so the networking opportunities are significant. I hope to see you inside!


  1. 2-6-2017

    Congratulations Kateland! You have chosen a wonderful breed that I know very well. My sister has had 3 chocolate labs. You will be working on my Etsy jewelry sight soon but what I’m introducing is my Dog Collection and I do have labradors in the collection. Pendants, rings and cuff links. Not exactly for your dog but special hand painted gifts for dog lovers. Good luck and have fun with the new member of your family!



  2. 2-6-2017

    Congratulations Kateland! Getting a new puppy and enjoying the love that will bring to your family is an amazing thing. My mom and I own TellerHill.etsy.com where we offer hand crafted collars and coordinating leashes for fur babies. We create them in our home studio with all the love and care that we give to creations for our own fur baby, Waldo. We would be honored to create something special for Pippin. Please stop by our etsy shop or visit us at our Instagram page @TellerHill or FB page Teller Hill to see pictures of our products and happy customers
    We look forward to seeing you and congratulations again on your new addition to the family!

  3. 2-6-2017

    Dogs are the best! Congrats on the new addition! You’ll have your hands full for a bit, but your heart full forever. Golden are amazing! I sell a few dog products in my shop, I’ll love for you to check it out: https://www.etsy.com/shop/burrowslane

  4. 2-6-2017

    We have tough paracord dog collars in our store at http://www.MJSurviveInStyle.etsy.com. Congrats on your new fur baby!

  5. 2-6-2017

    Congratulations Kateland!

    “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

    I can create a custom pet portrait on canvas of Pippin. Here is a link to one of my listings: http://etsy.me/2lbls8h

  6. 2-6-2017

    I make lots of doggie products Inc one of a Kind and personalised.


  7. 2-6-2017

    I make Dog placemats. I have a couple different kind and they can be personalized. They are non skid, and really keeps the mess from the water bowl and food bowl off your floor. When it is dirty just throw it in the wash, and it is ready to go again. I have 2 mats for our cat,(who is quite messy)that way I always have one on the floor. having had a black lab before, they don’t always drink their water nicely.

  8. 2-6-2017

    What I have in stock BUT I can also make them customized. 🙂


  9. 2-6-2017

    Pippin is adorable! He will bring so much happiness to your home. Congratulations! The link to the VIP group is not working. I would love to join and be part of the community and I would absolutely appreciate the free website critique! I have super cute dog items in my shop. I do not have bow ties, but I do have adorable dog scarfs! Also, check out the golden retriever puppy mug cozy! I hope you share more puppy pictures soon!!!

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