Learning How To Be a Joyful Entrepreneur

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Learning How To Be a Joyful Entrepreneur

This week I wanted to start it all off on a rather joyful foot. Sarah Sewell is the owner of the Joyful Entrepreneur and Flourish programs and she is dedicated to helping handmade sellers succeed. In this video, she critiques an Etsy seller and shares her thoughts on the Five Pillars of E-commerce. She has come up with these five main areas of business and encourages her followers to work on building them up for best results. If you would like to learn more about Sarah and her unique approach to coaching, follow the YouTube link below to more wonderful videos and her website.


  1. 10-23-2017

    Hi Sarah! My name is Caitlin Facemyer! I have been working HARD on perfecting my Etsy! I recently redid my whole Etsy! I have watched almost all of your YouTube shop critiques and have tried to do my Etsy like you said! Since I have done that my Etsy has gotten A LOT more attention and defiantly gotten more sales. This will be my first time with Etsy for the holiday season and would like some direction on what my shop needs to get as many sales as I can!

    Thanks for your time!


    • 10-23-2017

      Hello Caitlin!

      My name is Kateland and I am actually the one to whom you are writing. The Write Assistant is my website and on my blog I will often feature industry leaders and their videos. That being said, I offer complimentary coaching to improve Etsy shops through this website and in my VIP Facebook group Copywriting for Creatives and would love to work with you to help your shop get even better!


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