Selling 2.5K in 48 Hours!

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Selling 2.5K in 48 Hours!

How many of you are familiar with the online superstar personality Renae Christine? If you aren’t, you need to hop on over to her website and get to know her. She’s an extremely dynamic, interesting, and brilliant woman that is dedicated to empowering sellers. She has a wide variety of free, and paid, training courses and hosts her own YouTube channel. This little dose of inspiration comes from an interview she did in 2015. Starla managed to hit over $2,600 in sales over the course of two days and this video details her thoughts on email lists and Facebook groups.

Do you want to learn more about Ms. Christine? Check her out here:


Rich Mom University


Disclaimer: I am not paid or endorsed by Renae, I am just a fan sharing her happiness with you.

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