St. Patrick’s Day Keywords: SEO, Shamrocks, and Success

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St. Patrick’s Day Keywords:  SEO, Shamrocks, and Success

You don’t need the luck of the Irish with you for your SEO when you have The Write Assistant! As a Kelly, Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday favorite of mine. While this is not one of the larger spending holidays, it is still very much worth targeting if you have items that fit the spirit of the holiday. As with all of my keyword lists, this is meant to be a general guide and you should only use these keywords if they are applicable to your listings. Make sure you are always researching your products, your target market, and your keywords for best results.

2017 Keywords:

1. Saint Patricks Day Ideas
2. Saint Patricks Day Recipes
3. Saint Patricks Day Food
4. Saint Patricks Day Games
5. Saint Patricks Day Favors
6. St Patricks Day Ideas
7. St Patricks Day Recipes
8. St Patricks Day Food
9. St Patricks Day Games
10. St Patricks Day Favors
11. Saint Patricks Day Shirt
12. St Patricks Day Shirt
13. Saint Patricks Day Tshirt
14. St Patricks Day Tshirt
15. Shamrock Shirt
16. Shamrock Tshirt
17. Clover Shirt
18. Clover Tshirt
19. Saint Patricks Day Outfit
20. St Patricks Day Outfit
21. Shamrock Outfit
22. Clover Outfit
23. Leprechaun Tshirt
24. Leprechaun Shirt
25. Leprechaun Outfit
26. Girls Shamrock Shirt
27. Girls Shamrock Skirt
28. Boys Shamrock Shirt
29. Boys Shamrock Outfit
30. Girls Saint Patricks Day Outfit
31. Boys Saint Patricks Day Outfit
32. Saint Patricks Day Headband
33. St Patricks Day Headband
34. St Patricks Day Hairband
35. Saint Patricks Day Hairband
36. Shamrock Headband
37. Shamrock Hairband
38. Clover Headband
39. Clover Hairband
40. Saint Patricks Day Hat
41. St Patricks Day Hat
42. Saint Patricks Day Card
43. St Patricks Day Card
44. St Paddys Day
45. St Paddys Day Card
46. St Paddys Day Outfit
47. St Paddys Day Ideas
48. St Paddys Day Party
49. St Paddys Day Favors
50. Drinking Games
51. Drinking Party Games
52. Adult Drinking Games
53. Irish Pride
55. Irish Flag
56. Irish Flag Sign
57. Irish Flag Decor
58. Irish Decorations
59. Irish Sayings
60. Irish Quotes

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