Quit Playing Games With My Favorites

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Quit Playing Games With My Favorites

If you are an Etsy seller, then you know the value of having Favorites and Views! In fact, there’s a good chance you might watch that Favorite column like a hawk. For those of you that are new to the world of Etsy, a Favorite is when a person likes your item and clicks a little heart next to it. A View is when someone looks at your listing pages. It’s a nice fuzzy feeling when the Favorites and the Views start pouring in but some sellers will engage in click games to boost those numbers. Click games, also known as ladder games, are not an effective use of your time and if you are celebrating all those hearts, I have some bad news for you.


I’m talk to you.

Knock. It. Off.

Now that I have your attention, let me tell you why. Do you know what a conversion rate is? On Etsy, your conversion rate is how many Views you have to Sales. The desired number will vary based on what you are selling and how saturated your market is but generally speaking you want to have a 1% conversion rate or so (for every 100 Views you get 1 sale). Again, this varies wildly across markets so I’m going to be speaking only to my Etsy sellers today.

Now let’s pretend you hop on Facebook and see a Fav-a-thon game. You know the type. The ones that say, “Favorite every link in this thread!” with the promise of hundreds of new hearts just for you! What happens when you get 300 new Favorites and no sales?

Your conversion rate plummets.

Your shop slowly starts to lose value because the Views you are getting are not authentic and do not contribute to your sales. It might feel nice at first, but I promise there are a lot more valuable things you could be doing with your time.

Instead of spending an hour on clicking (and hoping someone from that group will want to buy your knit hat) why not try one of the following exercises for your business?

1. Research keywords for one listing.

2. Make a graphic for your Facebook page.

3. Plan out two new blog posts.

4. Read a few blogs that influence your target market.

5. Go exercise (really).

6. Take a break (really, really).

7. Plan your tweets for one week.

8. Create a daily Pinterest schedule.

9. Review, and edit, your business policies.

10. Bake cookies.

Number ten is especially helpful because chocolate helps you de-stress and you already exercised. Right?


  1. 5-9-2017

    Thank you 🙂 Love your style !

  2. 4-20-2017

    Thanks! I needed to hear that…

  3. 1-13-2017

    I bought into those games in the beginning as well. Now I just don’t have the time or patience to be bothered. Every hour I spend goofing around online playing ‘favourites games’ means one less order is getting out. Honestly, happy, satisfied customers are my best source of promotion. They post their goodies on FB or Instagram and I don’t need to promo. Of course, unhappy customers can, and do, post as well, so spend that time going the extra mile on your product, and promo will take care of itself. JMHO

  4. 1-10-2017

    You are always so wise! Thank you for writing this and doing what you do!!

  5. 1-10-2017

    A great article with excellent suggestions! I tried playing the games when I first started out on Etsy. Discovered that it was a total waste of time. The entire reason for having an Etsy shop is to have sales. To that end, my time is better spent creating social media ads that will drive business to my shop.

  6. 1-9-2017

    Great post! Thank you!

  7. 1-9-2017

    Excellent post!

    It always saddens me to see people post on the Etsy forums about how hard they are working to “promote” their business by playing the click games, and they don’t understand why it’s not doing any good. As you say, they could be spending that precious time in so many valuable ways instead.

  8. 1-9-2017

    I used to do some of those games – mostly via teams I was in. I quit all except a local networking team and my favourites plummeted, but, my sales went up. Not up hugely, but, they went up and not down. So,faves did nothing for my sales at all, just took up my time.

  9. 1-9-2017

    I played those games in the beginning. I have since stopped and now do all of your ideas which has really helped take our shop to more sales.

  10. 1-9-2017

    I’m new on etsy, soo I was doing wrong, Thx for your help I appreciate your help really!

  11. 1-9-2017

    conversion rates plummet and the shop loses value? loses value on etsy?

    • 1-9-2017

      That is correct. If an Etsy shop has a ton of views and favorites but no sales, their conversion rate drops lower and lower. If you aren’t making sales, the shop is considered a lower value shop and can take a hit on their overall SEO.

  12. 1-9-2017

    Great post Kateland. So helpful. And I love the bake cookies Reference!! I literally did this one time and realized it was a waste of time. You science behind it backs it all up

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