Valentine’s Day SEO Success: Top Keywords for 2017

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Valentine’s Day SEO Success:  Top Keywords for 2017

It’s coming.  We may still be finishing off the last vestiges of the yuletide season, but you know it’s coming.  Chocolate shaped hearts, red velvet, and carnations dyed unnatural colors.  Oh yes, the season of love is coming.  As small business owners, it is our job to be ahead of the curve.  This means that when people are prepping for their New Years Eve celebrations next week, we are getting ready for the holiday after.  Valentine’s Day is a HUGE shopping event.  It’s not just limited to chocolates and jewelry though.  Every single seller out there can do something to spin this holiday in their favor.

Even you.

Especially you.

What do you sell?

To whom do you sell?

Who do they need to impress this year?

As always, I have put together a collection of keywords meant to help you skyrocket your sales.

If these keywords are not relevant to your products, do not stuff them in there.  If they are relevant, enjoy them like you’d enjoy a box of dark chocolates and bubbly in the bathtub!

Top Valentine’s Day Keywords:

  1.  Valentines Days Ideas
  2. Valentines Day Recipes
  3. Valentines Day Gifts
  4. Valentines Day Gifts for Her
  5. Valentines Day Gifts for Him
  6. Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend
  7. Valentines Day Gifts for Husband
  8. Valentines Day Gift for Fiance
  9. Valentines Day Gift for Groom
  10. Valentines Day Gift for Bride
  11. Valentines Day Gift for Girlfriend
  12. Valentines Day Gift for Wife
  13. Last Minute Valentines Day Gift
  14. Valentines Day Gift for Kids
  15. Valentines Day Party
  16. Valentines Day Party Favors
  17. Valentines Day Party Ideas
  18. Valentines Day Party Snacks
  19. Kids Valentines
  20. Valentines Day Outfit
  21. Valentines Day Shirt
  22. Girls Valentines Day Shirt
  23. Girls Valentines Day Skirt
  24. Girls Valentines Day Outfit
  25. Boys Valentines Day Shirt
  26. Boys Valentines Day Outfit
  27. Girls Heart Shirt
  28. Boys Heart Shirt
  29. Kids Heart Shirt
  30. Baby Heart Shirt
  31. Heart Baby Bodysuit
  32. Valentines Day Baby Outfit
  33. Valentines Day Baby Bodysuit
  34. Valentines Day Bodysuit
  35. Valentines Day Cards
  36. Heart Card
  37. Heart Greeting Card
  38. Vintage Greeting Card
  39. Vintage Valentines Day Card
  40. Nostalgic Valentines Day Card
  41. Valentines Day Decorations
  42. Valentines Day Decor
  43. Jewelry for Valentines
  44. Heart Shaped Chocolate
  45. Heart Shaped Candy
  46. Valentines Day Chocolate
  47. Valentine Chocolate
  48. Valentines Day Candy
  49. Valentine Candy
  50. Belated Valentines Day Gift


  1. 1-6-2018

    These are terrific for my .com site but way too long for Etsy. Any ideas?

    • 1-6-2018

      These long tail keywords can be incorporated into your Etsy title where you have up to 140 characters (including spaces). I’d love to help you brainstorm some ideas specific to your Etsy shop if you’re interested in short tail keywords for your items. I mentioned above that I am offering 20% off my Etsy SEO three packs this month so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this offer.

  2. 12-15-2017

    Thank for sharing this useful content & knowledge , very informative for all the SEO guys who have started working on Valentines Gifts.

  3. 1-11-2017

    These ideas are great but leaves those of us out who sells vintage. Any stimulating ideas for the vintage group? I have some old valentines…

    • 1-11-2017

      I have many ideas, and researched keywords, for vintage items. If you would like to talk more about getting a list of keywords specific to your item, please feel free to check out my Title and Tag package in my shop home.

  4. 1-2-2017

    These are great! Thank you

  5. 12-26-2016

    Thank you these are so helpful!

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