How to Survive Holiday Stress: Cookies, Mountain Bikes, and Stones

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How to Survive Holiday Stress:  Cookies, Mountain Bikes, and Stones

We are entering the final stretch of the holiday season! How are you holding up? Have you had any crazy twists and turns? Maybe you got hit with a few disgruntled reviews or perhaps you lost a few packages? How are you surviving the holiday stress when we are at the very pinnacle of insanity? I was so proud that I scheduled everything so that I had three days off in a row! Christmas Eve through the day after Christmas was on track to be my own winter wonderland of free time.

I was going to take bubble baths and drink cider!

I was going to bake cookies. Well, maybe bake cookies. I may have just ended up buying them… But, still! Cookies were on the horizon.

I was going to drive down to Connecticut to spend it with family for those three days. However, personal family matters happen and it just so happened that my mother was scheduled for surgery on Christmas Eve. What does that mean? It means I am in the process of driving to Connecticut RIGHT NOW!

That’s right, as you are reading today’s blog post, I am driving down south to celebrate Christmas tonight.

Last night I stayed up excruciatingly late so I could format all the orders due today and tomorrow. I *will* stay on schedule. No matter what. There is a point to this post though. The point is that there will always been random circumstances that throw you for a loop. The key to surviving these random circumstances is staying flexible and focusing on solutions.

I mountain bike. Granted, I do not mountain bike well by any stretch of the imagination, but I do try. When my husband was teaching me, I’d constantly ride right into the rocks and logs and barriers. He stressed the importance of looking past them. He told me that the obstacles will always be on the path, but the key to getting past them is to look past them. Simple.

Simple yet true.

By focusing on the solutions, I didn’t minimize my viewpoint, I didn’t focus on fear, or stress, or anxiety. I looked at the path and found a way there.

I want to encourage all of you out there, those who are still struggling with packages and wrapping paper and broken presents, to look past the stones. Find your path. We will survive. We will find that path to success.

If we are lucky, there will also be cookies.


  1. 12-21-2016

    I hope you have an amazing visit! Happy Holidays!

  2. 12-21-2016

    So, so true! Best wishes for your family!

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