65 Surefire SEO Phrases to Skyrocket New Year’s Eve Sales

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65 Surefire SEO Phrases to Skyrocket New Year’s Eve Sales

Christmas, if you celebrate it, is just around the corner.  Not far behind this massive shopping holiday is another occasion which, if marketed to appropriately, can be another big selling point.  I’m talking, of course, about the New Year!  It’s the time when we are all thinking about the future, how we can improve our lives and the lives of those around us, and finally, actually, really, really lose those ten pounds we’ve been holding onto for longer than we care to admit.  If you sell party decorations, then you already know that New Year’s Eve can be a great boon to your business.  Well, if you sell water bottle trackers (for example), workout clothing, or other motivational and inspirational items you might want to get in on this event!

To help you streamline your marketing, I’ve gone ahead and put together a list of keyword phrases that are ideal for optimizing your New Year’s Eve listings.  As always, don’t just blindly stuff your listings with these keywords if they aren’t relevant to you but if they ARE relevant, then go nuts!

Top New Year’s Even Keywords:

  1. New Years Eve Party
  2. New Years Eve Décor
  3. New Years Eve Decorations
  4. New Years Eve Party Decorations
  5. New Years Eve Party Décor
  6. New Years Eve Party Games
  7. New Years Eve Games
  8. New Years Eve Sign
  9. New Years Eve Shirt
  10. New Years Eve Outfit
  11. New Year Outfit
  12. New Year Shirt
  13. New Year Hat
  14. New Years Eve Hat
  15. Party Hats
  16. New Years Party Hats
  17. New Years Eve Noise Makers
  18. New Years Eve Ideas
  19. New Years Eve Recipes
  20. New Years Eve Baby Outfit
  21. New Years Eve Baby Bodysuit
  22. New Years Eve Resolution
  23. Weight Loss Resolution
  24. Weight loss motivation
  25. Weight loss planner
  26. Weight loss ideas
  27. Weight loss jewelry
  28. Weight loss inspiration
  29. Weight loss tracker
  30. Weight loss stickers
  31. Exercise Resolution
  32. Exercise tank
  33. Exercise stickers
  34. Exercise planner
  35. Exercise inspiration
  36. Exercise motivation
  37. Exercise ideas
  38. Exercise journal
  39. Exercise tracker
  40. Exercise jewelry
  41. Eat Healthy Resolution
  42. Eating healthy
  43. Resolution Journal
  44. New Years Eve Ideas
  45. New Years Eve Wedding
  46. New Years Eve Dress
  47. New Years Eve Clipart
  48. New Years Eve Invitations
  49. New Years Eve Invites
  50. Digital New Years Eve Invites
  51. Digital New Years Eve Invitations
  52. Champagne Glasses
  53. Toasting Glasses
  54. Party Glasses
  55. New Years Eve Glasses
  56. 2017 Calendar
  57. 2017 Resolutions
  58. 2017 Vision Board
  59. 2017 Journal
  60. 2017 Diary
  61. New Years Eve 2016
  62. New Years Eve Jewelry
  63. New Years Eve Necklace
  64. New Years Pregnancy Announcement
  65. New Years Resolution Bracelet

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  1. 12-21-2016

    Thank you! I never thought of adding tags for New Year’s Eve, but, I have some jewelry pieces that would be perfect for that evening’s celebration!

  2. 12-5-2016

    I believe some of my products lend themselves to New Year’s resoutions, but not necessarily the suggested SEO terms. Anybody have ideas for good tags to attract the attention of that buyer who needs a critique to polish their shop or website text, or wants some help starting a blog, or perhaps wants an objective evaluation of their small business?

    • 12-5-2016

      If your products are not relevant to these keywords, I do not recommend using them. If you are interested in purchasing further assistance, I’d be happy to discuss your business needs directly. Please feel free to email me directly at:


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