November Relocation Update

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November Relocation Update

I feel like I’ve written quite a few of these little travel updates, but in reality there have only been one or two. Sean and I are literally in the middle of that crazy cross country drive from Utah to Vermont I’ve been talking about for weeks. For those of you that are just tuning in, I recently accepted a dream job just outside of Burlington and when the stars align like they did, well, you just don’t say no!

We are tentatively going to be driving between November 18th – 25th with the goal to be moved into our new home on the 26th.

We will be stopping off for Thanksgiving with my family and I will be offline during that time. However, I will be staying online for BLACK FRIDAY because let’s face it: 25% off is a big deal.

Business will continue as usual but a few little caveats are going to be present. As I am going to be driving my trusty Toyota for about 12 hours a day, you might not get lightening fast responses from me! I promise I am not ignoring you, I just am not equipped with a car with a neat laptop set up like police officers and frankly don’t want to risk being pulled over by one (or worse). We’ll be, hopefully, checking into hotels each night so I will respond either very early in the mornings or very late at night. Complimentary services like customer correspondences and critiques are on hold during this travel time but you may continue to place orders and any orders due will be completed accordingly.

Don’t forget to keep a close eye on this blog… I’ve already started marketing my Black Friday blitz and I know you won’t want to miss it. The formal announcement will go up Thursday evening and the codes will go live on Black Friday.

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