Promising Postal Services

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Promising Postal Services

You know the customer. The one that is mad. Really mad. I’m talking steamed up and ready to rake you over the coals. Why are they mad? Well, because their package got lost. Perhaps their package got delayed or they forgot to upgrade to a priority shipping or someone flat out stole the package from their porch.

Whatever the actual issue is, the bottom line is that they blame YOU (the seller).

What are YOU going to do about it?

Let’s back up for a second. It is no secret that sellers are not in control of the postal service, so why do customers assume that we are? It’s because they don’t know any better and they consider you to be synonymous with their product along all steps of the process. While shipping issues are a, well, issue all year long I get a spike in requests for help during the holiday season. Many of my followers struggle with answering these disgruntled customers. I find the most important intervention is prevention.

Do not make promises you cannot keep.

Can you get an item done in three days?

Probably not if you normally have a three week lead time.

Will you lose that sale? Yup. Probably.

That’s OK. It is better to lose a sale and give honest information than to force your hand and risk a negative experience for both you and the customer. Today I want to give you something to help answer that question. I’ll come back to the other issues on another article. So what do you do when a customer messages you and asks if they can have whatever product by X date? You can use this template:

{Customer Name},

While I would love to be able to guarantee a delivery date, the simple truth is that I cannot control the actions of the Postal Office once they have taken it over. I pride myself on excellent customer service and a big part of that is honesty and transparency which is exactly why I don’t make postal claims.

According to the USPS, all timelines are estimates.

Now what I can guarantee you is that your order will be processed by X date and shipped using {insert shipping method}. I also include a tracking number and insurance up to {insert amount} to safeguard your package.

Please let me know if there are any other questions you might have!

{Your Name}


  1. 11-23-2016

    Thank you Kateland , spot on!

  2. 11-17-2016

    Wow ! How nicely said ! Thank you very much.

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