DIY: Inspiration or Theft?

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DIY:  Inspiration or Theft?

Don’t you just hate it when someone walks by you at a craft fair and says, “Oh! I could make those!” They strut on by happily chatting with their friends about their newfound set of skills while ignoring the fact that you, the artist, are right there. It’s especially painful to sit back professionally when it is commented on your social media because the text has a way of sticking. Lauren Fairweather feels your pain. This vlog is a great exploration of the DIY and handmade selling communities and the somewhat stressed relationship between inspiration and theft that we’ve been discussing.


  1. 11-15-2016

    You just spoke my heart completely!!! I have been having more and more issues with copiers that are directly duplicating my designs that I work so hard as an artist to create. I get discouraged often on days and sometimes don’t want to put anymore work out there because I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with more diy-ers who copy. What do we do about this culture? How can we progress forward?

  2. 11-15-2016

    You are so right! They’ve even come in with cameras and taken photos while I only realized that after the fact. I look at other crafters and when I love their designs I sit down to make one of my own. I start off with their design in my head but my own creativity kicks in and much to my surprise my end design is totally different with not even a hint of the design that inspired me in the first place. I think that is the true definition of “inspire”. The costs for purchasing commercial licenses are quite high for a small crafter however if you’re choosing that particular design then you need to pay for that commercial license. Perhaps it means doing fewer designs. I so agree with you Lauren! Well said.


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